An entrepreneur must not only plan his success but also manage the shortcomings of their business.

If you are an Online Property Rental Owner using The Best Rental Scripts like Airbnb Clone Scripts, these tips will help you grow more during low/off-seasons effectively.

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Easy tips to get more bookings in low season

1. Website loading speed?

According to the survey by Blue Corona, 47% of people expect a website loading speed time within 2 seconds. Also, they found out that the average load speed time is under three seconds for the top ranking websites in Google.

If your vacation rental website takes more than 5 seconds to load, the customers might exit from your website and look for other alternative services. The bookings would be affected if this problem continues to persist.

It also makes it difficult to convince your customers to re-visit the website in the future because of the high bounce rate.

2. Multiple payment options ?

Sometimes, customers from different localities wish to have many options to choose their mode of payment. It is because people have a specific preference on how to make the payment that seems convenient, safe & secure to them.

Some people prefer to pay with cash, while others prefer to pay with a credit card or via other payment portals like PayPal.Stripe, Braintree, etc.

Multiple payment options help to attract a wide range of customers to your business. It also enhances the bookings count tremendously.

This could be done with Rental Script Concepts like Airbnb Clone App. It is designed with famous payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal etc.

3. Revision of the customer reviews ?

Frequently check the property listing’s reviews & ratings. Regardless of how positive or negative the reviews are, don’t hesitate to rectify them.

Because, even if you supply the best in your business, no service can have only positive feedback.

4. Update the listings ?

Update the crucial listings frequently, it helps to gain customers during an off-season. Some people may add your property listing to their wishlist and will check regularly to find something new about the property that would make a book in the Airbnb clone app.

5. Offers For Existing Customers Through Email ?

You might have the data like contact numbers & emails of your previous customer and leads in your Backend.

Use that details to produce an awe-inspiring email that highlights your rental offers. You may also add images, GIFs, or even a video of a customer testimonial that attracts more.

This will make them be aware & updated on your offer. If they do not wish to take a vacation, they might decide to share it with their neighbors.

6. Build the platform using the latest technology ?‍?

Using the latest technology to build your Online Property Rental Business will help you operate more efficiently and make the webpage load faster.

Airbnb Clone Website enhances the performance of your business, ensures flexibility, and becomes futuristic during business development.

7. Retarget your visitors with ads and offers ?

People who know about your brand are much easier to convert than others. You can run remarketing ad campaigns on social media, Google targeting your website visitors.

Here are some tips:

✳️ Use highly attractive and quality images of your rental on ads.

✳️ Provide a value emphasizing why they should book a stay with you.

✳️ Use a clear call to action – whether they should call you or visit your website which could be easy for the conversion.

Some people tend to misinterpret when the prices of the properties are reduced with a special offer. Also, it means that you’ll be offering the standard of the property with so many amenities and other benefits.

Therefore, it is not always advisable to reduce the price of the property on the whole during the off-season but can provide offers like referral credits if it’s necessary.

In Other Words 

I hope this blog is useful in picking your strategies to improve your Property Rental Bookings.

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