The delivery business is the most ideal decision to begin your business as a startup and to earn a huge profit. After the pandemic, the opportunity for the delivery business is flourishing and entrepreneurs can easily start their delivery business with low investment. If you want to start a delivery business then read on this blog to know about some business ideas and what are the features available in the delivery business, then how revenue can be generated through it?

In the pandemic situation, users receive food, grocery, pharmacy, alcohol, and some other needed items at their doorsteps. Users themself adapt to that situation and this is an easy way for shopping. Scope and demand for the On-demand delivery business are trending now. Few of them are

These are some delivery business ideas primarily ruling in the delivery market. Trioangle Technologies provides ready-made delivery scripts for  entrepreneurs to start their business immediately. After providing the script, we offer free server installation, free app submission, free bug support, etc. Our product has some exclusive features to make the actions easier and satisfy the customer needs.

Exclusive Features in the delivery script

  • Takeaway option

The user can take their order when they are willing to take orders from the store. From this option, users can collect the ordered item from the store directly. 

  • Tips option

There is an option for the Users to add tips amount to the driver in the payment process. A Tip amount is added to the total payment in the checkout process.

  • Live to track

This option helps the store and user to live track their driver’s current location. The purpose of the feature is to know how long a driver takes to reach them. 

  • Secured payment

In the payment process, available online payment options are reliable and secured money transactions. There are multiple payment options available for the user like COD, wallet, Paypal, & credit/debit option.  

  • Order scheduling

Users can place the order as per their desired time for receiving it by using this schedule option. They can schedule the order by the same day or up to 7 days.

How revenue can be generated?

  • Commission

For every successful delivery of the order, the admin receives some amount from the store as the commission

  • Charges

When the user makes the order, the booking fee & delivery fee is collected from the user for each and every order they place. 

  • Advertising fee

Stores can bring their business listing to the top of the search on the application by providing some advertising fees to the admin including banners, coupons, and delivery promotions.

These are some business ideas, what are all the features and how it yields profit are described in this blog. If you want to start your delivery business contact us for more information Email: [email protected], Phone: +91 6379630152