Similar to other delivery service sectors like Food, Grocery, Alcohol Delivery, etc. Medicine delivery is also becoming one of the on-demand businesses after this pandemic.

In this blog, we are going to discuss features of the pharmacy delivery app by Trioangle. There are a lot of features implemented based on the user of the application. There are four panels available; each panel has exclusive features to make a user-friendly setup. 

Why Is Medicine Delivery App For Business in post-pandemic?

Most patients with conditions like Diabetes, Asthma are prescribed to take medicines regularly. Due to COVID 19 in post-pandemic, most of the patients suffering go out to buy medicine. 

Accessing pharmacies with a simple mobile app will solve this problem. They can get their medicines in a few clicks. It is the reason behind the demand for medicine delivery. In the future, the requirement for pharmacy will increase so, definitely scope for pharmacy delivery apps also reach the next level.

According to statistics, the revenue of pharmacy delivery services will grow up to 31 billion USD in 2025.

Competing Options in Medicine Delivery App:

The ready-made medicine delivery application from trioangle has many options. To beat your competitors, stand out with fascinating features in your application.

Patients Registration: The quick patient registration process will help patients to access the app within a minute. They can complete the sign-up process using their name, age, mobile number, and Email-ID. 

Find Nearby Pharmacy stores: filter options available to find nearby pharmacy shops. So, they can get their medicines immediately.

Game-Changing Features Of GoferPharmacy By Trioangle

Prescription Upload

Most of the time, reading a prescription is a challenging process. We have all faced this problem many times. To short out this problem, we came up with an exciting option, “Prescription Upload”. Users can just click a picture of the prescription and upload the image to buy medicines from the application. Users can also access their gallery and upload the prescription image.

Safety Measures:

The spreading of covid changed the world. Because of people’s insouciant behavior, we faced a lot of struggles in the first wave. To solve this problem, “Safety Measures” were implemented.

In this feature, the store has a safety-first badge. So the store follows all the safety procedures and verifies the delivery driver with a photo, wearing a mask and safety procedures before starting a ride.

Age Verification:

In this application, Users should verify their age before ordering medicine products. Many countries won’t allow users below a certain age to buy any medical products. Restrict such users’ age verification options implemented. 

Multiple Languages:

This app can support many languages. Users can access any region if service is available in that location. 

Take Away Or Delivery Option:

If the user is okay with taking away from the store option in an emergency, the user doesn’t want to wait much time in the queue to get their order; they can collect their medicine immediately after reaching the pharmacy store.

Single pickup Multiple Delivery:

Single pickup and multiple delivery options were implemented to reduce the delivery duration and delivery cost in this application. The rider can pick up two or three deliveries from the nearby locations at the same time.

Contactless Delivery:

Contactless delivery options are also available for prepaid users to ensure the safety of the user and delivery drivers. 

Wrapping up:

As mentioned above, building your new on-demand pharmacy delivery app from trioangle brings many enriched features suitable for the post-pandemic. You could be extremely successful in the on-demand pharmacy delivery service market by implementing the right application.

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