Postmates application delivers products from local stores to customers’ doorstep. Delivery charge is the core source of income for Postmates. Charging a reasonable fee for each delivery is the reason for the drastic growth of Postmates. Most of the entrepreneurs, inspired by the business model of Postmates and ready to start delivery service businesses. For an instant startup, secured and well-designed on-demand delivery scripts are available in the market.  The Postmates clone script is an application clustered with all modules to maintain all delivery processes exclusively designed for the instant launch of the Postmates clone business. Start an on-demand delivery business instantly with Postmates clone script by Trioangle.

What Is Postmates?

Postmates was launched in 2011 by Uber in San Francisco. Postmates resembling Uber, the difference between Uber and Postmates is replacing taxis with products. The delivery partner receives the products from the store and delivers the products to the customer’s destination.

Facts and Statistics About Postmates

  • December 2014 – Postmates released an application exclusively for merchants to allow small businesses to compete for delivery of consumer goods with larger companies such as Amazon.
  • November 2017 – Postmates launched service in Mexico City, the first time Postmates launched its services outside the United States.
  • Postmates got a $1.85 Billion estimation in January 2019.
  • Postmates has extended to 70% of U.S. households.
  • Postmates own over 60,000 vehicles for delivery.

Postmates Delivery Growth: Represented In the table

Based on report

Year Revenue Profit Deliveries per month
2014 $8.6 million $1 million
2016 $135 million ($60 million) 1.5 million
2018 $400 million 4 million
2019 $500 million
2020 $880 million  5 million

What Is Postmates’ clone script?

Postmates Clone script is an application like the Postmates application with all delivery features.  It is a customizable application with any goods like food, grocery, pharmacy, and alcohol. 

Postmates clone script support in web, android, and iOS platforms. It has four panels, user panel, driver panel, store partner panel, and admin panel.

Features Of Postmates clone script  

  • Simplified sign-in: users can log in with basic information, such as phone number, email id, or social media accounts.

  • Single Pickup Multiple Delivery: Nearby location orders delivered by the same delivery partner in one take.

  • Support Option: Admin panel have support options, customer can connect admin for any complaint(Whatsapp, Skype, LiveChat)

  • Pop-Up Notification: Instant pop-up notification options are available to notify the customer.

  • Live Order Tracking:  Driver live location tracking options are available to estimate the time to delivery.

  • Reliable Payment Option: multiple payment transaction options are available.

  • Review & Rating: Review options available to notify any inconvenience.

  • Store Status: stores panel have options like accepting orders or decline orders.

  • Order Scheduling: users can enter info about when they are available to receive their order.

  • Exclusive Offers:  coupons and promotion code management module available for admin.

  • Profile Management: driver and customer can edit profile info.

  • Contactless Delivery:

Prepaid users can select contactless delivery options to avoid direct contact with delivery partners while receiving the products

  • Prescription Upload:

The users upload a prescription from their mobile phones to buy medicines from the pharmacy store.

  • Age Verification:

  Age verification model available to place an order for marijuana, alcohol.

  • Crypto-Wallet Integration

Crypto wallet implemented to transfer money through the crypto wallet.

The business model for Postmates clone application:

Key partners.

  • Local stores
  • Delivery Personals.

Key resources.

  • Technology
  • Partner retail stores and their products

Key activities.

  • Partnership with new stores.
  • Customer info management.
  • Process fee management.
  • Order management.
  • Fee management.

Value propositions.


  • Order anything from the partner store.
  • Less than 2 hours delivery.
  • Cost-effective delivery services.


  • Wide customer base.
  • Recognition on the platform.


  • Earn money by working flexible timing.
  • Tips from customers.


  • Admin website.
  • Mobile app for vendors. (ios, android)
  • Mobile app for delivery partners. (ios, android)
  • App for customers(ios, android)

Revenue streams.

  • Delivery fee from customers.
  • Advertisement.
  • Commissions from stores.

Cost structure.

  • Infrastructure maintenance cost.
  • Advertisement.
  • Delivery partners pay.
  • Permanent employees salary.

Summing up.

Postmates traveled a long journey from where it began. Postmates acquired user’s hearts through on-time service and the best deliveries.  Do you wonder how Postmates successfully processes all processes within a short duration? The answer is through the help of technology. Postmates serves its users with extreme efficiency by just using the Postmates setup. If you are interested in a new business with the same business model, the Postmates clone script is the right choice for your business. 

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