Online medicine ordering and delivery businesses are grooming, many entrepreneurs are starting their business with medicine ordering and delivery concepts. Usually entrepreneurs are viewing medicine ordering business as a way to make money instantly.

In the pandemic users mostly prefer ordering online more than making a purchase to shop in store. This is the correct time to start your medicine delivery business to users because buyers suffer and fear going out for buying medicines. Moreover, users need medicine on their illness in this situation.

To start a business like Pharmacy delivery script entrepreneurs need to have a website, mobile apps for partner, customer and delivery boy. Script available on both the mobile and website to simplify the user, partner and delivery boy workflow. For every successful delivery of medicine, the admin generates revenue.

Available Panels on the script:

  • Admin app: Consist of total control of the script. Admin have to provide access to make further steps and changes such as admin have to approve or verify the partners and drivers. Admin has the overall responsibility & control on it.
  • Store app: The app provides store-keepers to maintain their stock details, accept or reject user’s orders and to showcase their presence online.
  • User app: Most responsive customer app used to make easy search, order and secure payment transactions. Users can view different stores near them to make an order and check the availability of their medicine at different prices.
  • Driver app: App is easy to use, more user friendly and high responsive. Driver can view the location of the store and drop location.

Separating the panels segregates the type of users, this may be helpful to proceed their process. Admin panel available only on the desktop and other three panels such as user, store, driver available on both the desktop and the mobile.

Advantage of the panel

  • Live tracking: Store and user panel has the facility to live track the driver current location. This helps them to calculate how long it takes to receive the medicines or reach them.
  • Advance filter options: Users can filter the store according to their specified location, budget, type of medicine and branded items. It helps a user to make the most accurate store order.
  • Review and rating: User, store and driver has this feature to review and rate others services, performance or behaviour level works.

Basically these features are available on the pharmacy delivery script. GoferPharmacy is one of the Trioangle Technologies products which is used to order medicines from their home and receive it at their doorsteps.

Our Script is available ready-made for the entrepreneurs to start their business instantly which is cost effective. This is developed using Laravel, Angular JS, HTML 5 & CSS 3. We are providing some additional facilities for them such as free app submission, free server installation, on-time support, 100% source code, etc.

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