Finding the right veggies at the right corner of the Grocery Store and long searching for the Groceries is a matter of a great haul. Visiting the grocery store and spending hours is an age-old matter for people. 

However, it is time to stop the primordial tradition of offline grocery and welcome the online grocery advantages at hand. The online grocery delivery service offers grocery products to consumers and processes efficient delivery to their doorstep without any bother. 

Consumers can spend many hours on some other work or relaxation activities while saving time and money from the online grocery service.

A huge time is required for visiting grocery stores and picking up the weekly groceries. But why waste time as well as labor when you can get the products provided to your doorstep. 

In this blog, we are going to talk about how online Grocery shopping helps in saving money and time. 

Thus, online grocery systems have cracked many problems. It released you from the hassle of traveling, work, the expense of traveling, spending hours in the checkout line, and so forth. 

In this context, we will acknowledge you with the different benefits of grocery delivery service and its use in recent times. Apart from saving time, it stops the difficulties of finding departmental stores near you. 

With the use of this service, you can find all groceries and products under one platform.

Important benefits of grocery delivery system

A grocery delivery system can be a boon to people during the Covid-19 pandemic. As most people have set back house due to the virus attack, they are willing to avoid all travelling and activities outdoors. 

With the use of this delivery service, people can select the needed items, order online products, and checkout. Multiple payment methods are open, which makes it possible for consumers to purchase items easily. 

They can assume no-contact delivery by spending through debit card, credit card, Net-banking, PayPal, and many other methods.

Purchase bulk things from a single platform

An online grocery delivery service platform offers consumers a great option to purchase things in bulk. This happens because they know their things will be delivered to their doorstep, and they don’t have to come a long way bringing the things. 

In addition to this, purchasing products in bulk will help to decrease the overall cost of products. There are many customers who don’t want to purchase stuff in bulk just because they will not be able to hold plenty of products. 

The online grocery delivery system makes it more comfortable for people to add things to their shopping cart in bulk and get delivery.

Cut Vehicle parking expenses and other

By picking an online grocery delivery system, you can shop online and don’t have to travel long miles to reach the Grocery store. 

Traveling can lead to different costs, such as paying money on fuel, vehicle parking expenses, and so forth. This is one type of savings that will count in the long term.

Put a stop to standing in the line

Are you heading to shop for the Festival dinner? 

Are you conscious of the crowd that you shall encounter while buying groceries? 

One of the best grocery delivery services that allow you to sit in the comfort of your home and shop for your needs and essentials. From choosing items to placing orders, from browsing varieties to adding items to the cart, consumers are able to do all of these actions under one roof.

Until now, we were discussing saving money and time from a consumer point of view. Now, let us hop into Shop owners and look into the revenue they earn using this platform. 

Revenue Model for Online Grocery Delivery Services

There are many methods in which this example can help the Grocery store owners make their online grocery delivery Services profitable and rise. 

Note that all these methods have their own set of benefits and requirements. 

So, let’s talk about revenue generation.


The Commission is by far the oldest and the most selected revenue model for all Grocery Store owners. There can be two major ways to set commissions with the sale of groceries online:

Commission on Individual Transaction

This is chargeable to the Shop owners on every deal they make on the Online Grocery Store platform. This way, the Shop owner can make according to the sales happening on their portal.

Commission on Individual Delivery

This commission model charges the shopper and the driver with some payment on their purchase and its delivery, credited to the Shop owner’s account whenever an order is completed.

Shop Owner Subscription Fees

Also called membership fee, you can use this revenue model to bring in Grocery store owners who are not satisfied with the commission model by paying a selected subscription fee. 

These Store Owners can use your service for a selected period of time.

On-site Promotions and Banner advertisement

A good start to pulling revenue from the Online Grocery Store platform is allowing Shop owners to take out their personalised ads through banners and schemes on the platform homepage. 

The admin can charge the Shop owners for the space and number of campaigns they want to operate

Such advertisements can work as business-boosting elements for the website as well as for the Grocery store owners. 

A good payment of revenue can come in from certain individual product ads as well.

Route optimisation and tracking

 GPS tracking of the delivery Drivers shows route optimisation and tracking of the delivery. One of the main challenges encountered by this industry is the problem of monitoring on the go. 

This absence of sufficient monitoring results in missed delivery, delayed delivery, wrong excuses given by the delivery boys as well as a reduction in the number of successful deliveries. 

GPS tracking helps the Grocery Store to provide maximum coverage of the delivery region is the most optimum route defined by the admin, along with assuring strict follow-up of the plan and making Grocery delivery cost-effective. 

Real-time exact tracking helps the admin track delivery boys individually and ensure that they are in sync with the program given to them.

Wrap Up

Are you on the lookout to make your grocery store online? 

You are on the right track to decide. Online Grocery Store gives you the best grocery delivery service platform where you can handle all your grocery business operations easily. 

With the execution of this platform, you are able to save money and time, and draw shoppers’ attention through the above strategies. Tap to know more