Online food delivery service has been booming due to human’s modern lifestyle. And these days people are feeling convenient while ordering the multi cuisines online and delivered straight to the customer’s doorstep. In such a scenario, launching a DoorDash Clone will make you get more customers to your app.

Did you know?

  1. Still, now, 80% of modern millennials have ordered their food once a month.
  2. DoorDash Clone has become popular all over the world because of its unique features and benefits.
  3. 60% of restaurant owners prefer to deliver the food online to increase their sales.

After seeing these surprising stats, you may wonder about the usage of DoorDash Clone. Investing in this food delivery app like DoorDash makes you get started with online food delivery services in a short time.

If you are interested in starting an online food delivery service? Then, reading these articles will help you launch a feature-rich DoorDash Clone.

How To Launch an App Like DoorDash?

To launch your DoorDash Clone, you need to tie up with Trioangle to fulfil your dreams by developing featured rich food delivery applications. As we offer white label solutions for you, it helps you to start online food delivery services within a shorter period.

Using this white label app, you can customize your food delivery app like logos, brand name and company policies etc. Also, it requires only low investment compared to traditional food stores and also you don’t need any technical skills to operate it.

WorkFlow of DoorDash Clone:

By understanding the workflow of DoorDash Clone, you can utilize the features and benefits effortlessly.

  1. The users can sign up for your food delivery app via email or even social login method.
  2. When users sign up using email, they need to fill up required things like email, phone number and others.
  3. Once they log in, they can browse different varieties of cuisine and compare prices with other food stores.
  4. Also, they can use a proper navigation system to filter out popular food items based on prices, location and food type etc.
  5. Once the users select their favourite food in particular food stores and add it to their cart.
  6. Using the smart cart option, users can find related food amenities during the checkout process.
  7. Once they finalized the food order, they can place the order by paying the cart amount.
  8. Here, users can find multiple payment options which makes the customers feel convenient while paying for their order.
  9. Once the payment is reached, the food delivery app sends a notification to restaurant owners regarding the customer’s food order.
  10. Finally, the delivery partner will collect the prepared food from the restaurant and deliver it to the customer’s doorstep.

Essential Features of DoorDash Clone:

To improve your customer’s experience in DoorDash Clone, you need to consider these essential features while launching the Doordash clone app.

Attractive Menu:

Keeping your menu attractive by our DoorDash Clone efficiently makes the customers know popular dishes in your restaurants. Also, this makes your customers feel happy and place the orders quickly. 

User Rating:

Collecting ratings and reviews by a dedicated option in the DoorDash clone app helps you to get a clear outline of your food delivery service. Using these collected reviews, you can improve your customer’s experience and also newcomers can judge your brand value quickly.

Real-Time Tracking:

Integrate a real-time tracking system in your DoorDash Clone which helps your customers to get a clear view of their food delivery. Also, they can get notified about the real-time status and estimated time of delivery. This makes them feel better regarding the right ETA of food. 

Delivery Booking:

Providing a scheduling option in your food delivery app makes the customers feel relaxed during peak times and festival days. Using this option, customers can schedule their food orders whenever they need.


Thus, you have learned this workflow and the essential features of DoorDash Clone from this blog. These make you succeed in the food delivery industry and leave a place for you. If you are willing about launching a food delivery app like DoorDash? Then, consider this best DoorDash Clone.

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