Many developments and improvements in technology are rising during the middle of the pandemic. For many businesses, new challenges are faced by Entrepreneurs and swift to remote work. Some businesses have started working remotely. 

In a recent survey, many companies prefer to work from home due to the pandemic situation. The online business can be managed remotely.  So many business opportunities are there to start a business for Entrepreneurs.

Different Business Opportunities

Trioangle Technologies provides you different business opportunities that can be controlled remotely to start your own business and work for the Entrepreneurs to develop their business without any bugs with the support provided. 

The businesses provided are,

  • On-demand Taxi Booking App
  • Online Property Rental Solutions
  • e-Commerce App Development
  • Online Food Delivery Application
  • Dating App Development
  • Online Classified Software
  • All In One Delivery Solution

On-demand Taxi Booking App

An online taxi app is a ride-hailing app. The user can book a taxi based on the location. The on-demand taxi booking app is created with the core features of Uber. The uber clone consists of the Driver App, Rider App, and the Admin panel. Uber clone is available in both iOS and Android Applications. The features of the uber clone are available on the uber clone website. 

Online Property Rental

The property rental solution provides a list of houses for rent. Airbnb’s business model is the first to start a property rental and many competitors started the business. So to start an online property rental business is simple with our Airbnb Clone available in iOS and Android Application. Our Airbnb Clone comes only with one app, either the user or the host can use the same app to list the house or rent it. 

e-Commerce App Development 

E-Commerce app development is provided to list the products for the people to buy. E-commerce app development consists of a merchant web panel, user panel in web and app, and admin panel to manage all the activities. e-Commerce app development is developed with our fancy clone namely Spiffy. Our Spiffy is available in both iOS and Android Applications. 

Online Food Delivery Application

Online food delivery app development is the on-demand food delivery business. The application is designed in a way that from the list of restaurants available based on the location. The food delivery application consists of the restaurateur panel and app, the admin panel, and the user panel and app. Our product GoferEats from the clone of Uber Eats clone with the core features of Uber Eats and available in both iOS and Android applications.

Online Classified Software

Online classified software is to sell or buy second-hand products. The online classified software comes with only one app for both buyers and sellers. The admin can manage the activities in the application. The online classified software is available in both iOS and Android applications.

All In One Delivery Solution: In one delivery application, the delivery business-like grocery delivery, food delivery, pharmacy delivery, alcohol delivery. This one app fulfills the delivery solution in both iOS and Android applications. 

The different business opportunities to manage the work remotely and can be established well in the business. To start a business, contact Trioangle Technologies at [email protected], and to know more visit the website.