According to the latest stats, total revenue for on-demand delivery services would reach $154.34 billion in 2023. This shows that the future would depend on the on-demand delivery business. 

Are you planning to be a part of this service? Finding the right solution for you?

In today scenario, many delivery scripts are available in the market. As per the latest stats, the Glovo app generates total revenue of up to $300 million per year.

This makes sure that investing in Glovo clone makes your delivery services profitable. Well, in this blog you can get the best ideas to start your delivery service.

Why Choose Our Glovo Clone?

  1. Helps to reach more customers
  2. Able to upscale your business easily
  3. Double your earning income
  4. Handle more delivery orders
  5. Easy to Use

Features of Glovo Clone:

  1. Frontend Listing
  2. Digital Payments
  3. Live Tracking
  4. Update Notification
  5. Review Tracker

Frontend Listing:

As you are running online delivery services, many store owners wish to segregate the different product items and list them out in front of your customers. So you need attractive product listing options to attract your customers to get more orders from it. 

Digital Payments:

Nowadays, most customers prefer to pay digitally for your delivery services. To satisfy your customer’s needs, you need a digital payment system that helps your customers to pay in different payment modes such as credit, debit cards, cash on delivery and even cryptocurrency wallets.

Live Tracking:

Using live tracking features from our Glovo Clone, both customers and delivery partners can benefit from it. This inbuilt GPS system helps the customers to get know the estimated arrival time of delivery to them.

Also, delivery partners can find the easiest ways to customers’ step location for delivering their ordered products within time. 

Update Notification:

Communication is key to success in any business. To communicate with your customers, you need a push-up notification from Glovo clone which helps to receive quick updates regarding any products launched and seasonal offers to your customers. This helps them to attract with your delivery services.

Review Tracker:

This review tracker helps you to collect valuable feedback from your customers in meantime. Using these collected assets, you can analyse and improve your delivery business to the best one. This makes your brand reputable and trusted among your customers.

Wrap Up:

Developing a Glovo clone for your delivery services makes you profitable and move to current trends. If you have any queries or doubts, then feel free to contact us:

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