The pandemic effect has put a stop to many businesses and industries throughout the earth. It has forced customers to opt for online outlets relying on various needs. 

From online groceries to food delivery, online working to online classes, the whole world shifted to digitization displaying the relevance of digital technology recreating during lockdowns. 

Online grocery shopping has established influence as consumers are able to buy groceries online with the comfort of shopping. Online buying has been booming, and many Store Owners have converted their traditional businesses into online platforms.

In this blog, We are going to discuss how an online grocery store offers a unique purchase experience to your customers in detail. 

You might think that every grocery purchase is identical and there is nothing to compare but you might never know what the unique selling point is? 

Without any further discussion, let’s hope into the topic.

Must-Have Unique Features in Every Grocery Store

Advanced search options

The advanced search option combined with the medium allows shoppers to locate their preferred groceries effortlessly. 

The seamless product browsing choices bring a purpose of comfort to shoppers and maintain their attention to the platform whenever they feel the need of purchasing online groceries. 

Sharing Your Shopping Cart

Every website has its unique way of adding products to the shopping cart. The customers can easily search for their product and select the product to add it to their shopping cart

The ‘My Cart’ section will give you a glance at what you have added like a visual showcase that has been selected

You might be thinking what is the unique feature here?

The shoppers can share their products which are added to their cart to their family and friends which helps them to add products to the common cart

Enhanced UI/UX Design

The design of the online grocery platform must be created in a way that gives an enhanced look when the customers shop on this platform 

In the Grocery Delivery Platform, the design plays an important role in deciding the shopper’s engagement with the platform and its service platform

Manage Product Order Wisely

The platform should have a reasonable order management system that allows the admin to review and check orders in addition to monitoring every delivery status and the details 

This is because the admin panel gives the flexibility to manage every business operation seamlessly.

Multiple Methods of Payment

The online grocery services platform has been integrated with multiple methods of payment options,

So that, the consumers can easily add their product to the cart and follow the checkout process

Customer satisfaction is more important by using these platforms. Payment through an online option for the customer is an option for them by this the customer can pay in their comfort

There must be multiple payment gateways Because a particular payment process can lead to problems for the customers by availing this option for a seamless checkout process 

Sign-up Page

All the online grocery and e-commerce platforms must have their sign-up section through which people can register

With the help of the ‘Create Account’ option, the consumers can signup with essential information such as name, mobile number, email address, password, and so on. 

Several platforms ask for delivery addresses and information connecting to it.

Chat Support

While observing a business model of online grocery shopping, one needs to keep in the sense that amidst all, building individual connections with customers is suitable. 

The incorporation of a chat support segment can help consumers to remove queries and ask questions linking to the products.

Lists of Filters

Apart from the grocery section, the user is issued with a product listing page. This page contains advanced options that are qualified for filtering the products as per user selection. 

The Store owners can opt for adding filters based on brands, sales and offers, price range, and unique features.

Product Page

The product page provides insights into the products and their additional details. This page is applicable in providing consumers with appropriate data about the grocery item. 

It consists of cost, explanation, product availability, date, and add-to-cart choices.

Referrals and Rewards

Having referrals and rewards operates as a suitable feature for developing interest within the consumers. 

As they can guide and make rewards they will start directing family and friends about your product. This is one of the possible modes to assist in business development and increase revenue with time.

Real-Time Order Tracking

The Added feature of the real-time order tracking system allows the users to track orders from the time of order until delivery. 

Likewise, the admin can also review orders by tracking them to the delivery place.

FAQs Section

Every e-commerce and online shopping platform must include a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ area providing questions and answers to regular queries. 

The consumers find it quite useful as it has answers relating to account creation, sign-up, how to shop, returns and cancellations, delivery details, expenses, referrals, cart sharing, and coupon redemption.

Online Grocery Shopping Experience is Unique

According to a research report, In the US, a very little number of customers have tested click and collect (4.3%). Of those, 24% said they had a dissatisfying incident, and about half have not tested it more than once. 

In the UK, a much bigger balance, 24%, said they had attempted click and collect, but as in the US, almost one in four had a dissatisfying experience and about half only tried it one time. 

House delivery results were more favorable, with greater trial and reuse, but again, a high number of dissatisfied consumers. 

               Attribute US UK

Of Respondents 10,025 6,648
Using click and collect 4.3% 24%
Dissatisfied with experience 24% 27%
Using only once 51% 42%
Using home delivery 15% 67%
Dissatisfied 21% 21%
Using only once 46% 24%

As grocers try to capture change in online ordering and combat Amazon and Google, they will need to complete great consumer experiences. 

This means an easy-to-use online placement system, high-quality product describing what consumers would choose for themselves, and actual comfort. It is the right time to offer a unique purchasing experience to the customers. Get ready to find the right grocery delivery solution. Tap to know more