Today, the restaurant industry is continuously increasing and changing towards modern trends. Have you ever been surprised? The restaurants with online ordering systems have roughly touched $40 billion among 35% of US customers. 

All this makes you know there is a massive demand for online food delivery applications among foodies. Still, why are you waiting? As a restaurant owner, you have an opportunity to double your profits using these delivery apps. 

 Here, we are going to discuss how you can build your own UberEats Clone for your restaurants and I will help you to lead the food delivery market. Let’s dig deeper.

Why Use UberEats Clone?

UberEats Clone is an online food ordering platform that allows your foodies to order food online without any hassle. As it comes with the latest features and functionalities, preferring this UberEats Clone for your restaurant is the best option. 

Not only that, the brand UberEats has been popular all over the world and this makes you quickly respond to your brand from customers.

Features of Trioangle’s UberEats Clone:

As a restaurant owner, you may have different needs and features to fulfil your food delivery business. To make it easy, Trioangle offers the latest features that come default in your UberEats Clone app.

  1. Easy To Login
  2. Customizable Food Menus
  3. Quick App Launch
  4. Track User’s Location
  5. Report Management

Easy To Login:

Make your customers feel happy by keeping a simplified sign-up or login option in your food delivery app.  Using these features, your customer can get easy access by registering their details in just a few steps. Also, it comes with a social login option to bypass the registration process in your app. Along with options, your customers can share their personal experiences with family and friends.

Customizable Food Menus:

As a restaurant owner, you may have prepared different varieties of delicious cuisine to showcase in front of your customers. But how can your customers see it? For that, We at Trioangle introduced customized food menu options that help you to display some food to your foodies based on seasonal categories, food type, price range, most popular etc. All these make them tempted and get engaged with your food delivery app.

Quick App Launch:

In this competitive world, launching a food delivery app is so simple when you have white labelling UberEats Clone application. We at Trioangle offer such a ready-made delivery app to make your time valuable by launching UberEats Clone within the week. This helps you to increase your productivity in the food delivery business.

Track User’s Location:

Customers are always eager to know the status of the user’s behaviour once they ordered the food online from your food delivery app. To fulfil their needs, you need to use live tracking options in UberEats Clone which helps them to know about real-time notifications about orders, delivery partner’s availability and the estimated time of arrival etc. All these make your customers feel comfortable while ordering from your services.

Report Management:

Since, there are a number of users like customers, food delivery partners and restaurant owners involved in your food delivery app. Then, it is difficult to maintain all data for the admin. To avoid such a case, Trioangle’s UberEats Clone offers a smart dashboard where you can access all information you need from one single place. All these make you feel better while managing the report.

How Trioangle Help You To Lead the Food Delivery Market?

We at Trioangle offer a special UberEats Clone for your business and this is suitable for any size of the restaurant. By having this food delivery app, you can get numerous benefits along with the above-mentioned features.

  1. Free Server Installation
  2. White Labeling
  3. 100% Licensed Source Code
  4. Regular Product Updates
  5. On-Time Delivery

Final Thoughts:

By concluding this blog, you have an idea of how these online food delivery applications play an important role in the on-demand delivery business. To be a part of this online delivery market, make use of our Trioangle’s UberEats Clone to your restaurants for double the profits in online mode.

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