Dating apps have been evolving very high and moving in a further step ahead. Many new dating apps are launched like Tinder. Recently Dating app for dogs is launched and running successfully in Ludhiana and Seattle. The hype for a dating app for pets is increasing even in this pandemic period so Entrepreneurs have a great chance to start a business to reach the best position among the competitors. 

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Love Your Loved Ones

Pets are becoming the best companion to everyone and many people wish to own a pet but things won’t work out. The concept of this improved to create a pet-lover dating app.  According to a survey, every person is looking forward to having a pet dating app to improve the dating experience with pets.

How Does the App Works?

After Sign in/Login with the app, the users should choose options either pet owner or pet lover. A user can set a list of preferences of a pet by the type, color, and so on.

Based on the preferences it will list the number of pets where you can right swipe to have a date with. It is a one-sided swipe functionality and information about pets which can be seen by clicking the name.

Swiping left will display the next pet based on the preferences. Swiping right will plan a date by the pet owner to meet and to have a dating experience.

Features Provided In Dating App

Admin Panel Dashboard

User-Friendly Dashboard

A simple dashboard is provided to view all the performances happening inside the application.

Admin Management

Admin Management is one of the notable features to split the work between the admin and sub-admin to give roles and permissions.

User Management

To filter the users based on the requirements user management options help to sort out easily.

Subscription Management

The details of the subscription plans and the details can be viewed. The price of the subscription plans can be changed here.


All the reports can be exported easily to a document to view the users and their plans.

User Panel Dashboard 

Multiple Registration

Users can register with multiple accounts like Facebook, E-mail, and phone number.

Search Search Filters

Users can search the pets with their preferences based on the type, color, and so on…

Easy Profile Management 

The profile related information can be changed at any time like photos, information, etc.

Instant Notifications

Users will receive the notification to engage with it.

This dating business will hit the top of the channel and create a new experience for the users. To develop the business contact [email protected] or visit the website.