Entrepreneurs are thinking that dating application will create hype in business. Due to the COVID situation Tinder improves the user experience layout with the subscription plans and offering multiple features to grab the users. Much younger generation people are using dating apps regularly and updating the profile. Using of dating apps increased the Entrepreneurs to think about to start a Tinder Clone application to improve their business.

What Ignites The Spark?

Tinder is the solution that ignites the spark for Entrepreneurs and by seeing the number of users rate and the solution offered for the problem. The same core features are required to have in the Tinder Clone script with the improvisations based on the requirements. Entrepreneurs can earn with the script by using Google Ad-sense and the In-app subscriptions.

How To Choose The Best Dating Script Provider

There are many ways to select the dating script provider by the means of

  • Cost Of The Script
  • Features Available Related To Cost
  • Support Provided
  • Script Developed Latest Technologies
  • Providing a Bug-Free Script

Cost of Script

The cost of the script is based on the script quality and the features. The script quality should be good with the core features provided. The cost of the script will be changed based on the domain and the number of servers using the script.

Features Related To Cost

The featured provided is related to the cost of the script. If the cost of the script increased the features like multiple domains with android and iPhone apps. 

Support Provided

Tinder Clone Script should provide support to the customers after the script had purchased. The support should be provided through skype and help to solve the issue in the application/website.

Script Developed With Latest Technologies 

The script should be developed with the latest technologies to improve the user experience. The latest technologies like Laraval, Angular JS, Java, and Swift.

Providing a Bug-Free Script

Dating Script provider should give the script bug-free (i.e the script should not contain any bug on both admin and user panel.

These are the ways to select a suitable script to start a business efficiently. The script features are important to that with revenue generation techniques.

Revenue-generating Methods Included In Tinder Clone

Subscription Plans

Subscription Plans are provided for the users to improve their benefits provided by the application. Admin can earn with this type of plans and this is important for the businessman to earn.

The subscription plans are given as same as Tinder with gold and plus option. The gold option is the premium feature included with unlimited likes, chooses who sees you, control your profile, swipe around the world included with boosts option. The same features options are provided with the plus option with less in a number of boosts and swiping feature.

Ad Banners Option:

Admin can set up an Ad banner option to connect with the Google Ad-sense to generate extra revenue. Based on the number of clicks and rates Google will help you to payout.

These are the revenue-generating technique to start an online dating business. Contact at [email protected] to know more about the details of the script and the features provided.