Recommerce has created a new concept for people to use second-hand products. People started to use reselling products that are one person’s unusable product is another person’s wealth. A businessman can start their business by selecting the good online classified script to improve their career. 









Steps to start an online classified script?


Research is the origin for all the businesses to start and to check whether the business will create a profit and stay in the market forever. Niche marketing plays an important role in research analysis. Daily based analysis should be taken for the business players who are top in classified software. A group of members should work for research and development to check the latest updates and changes in the market for the classified script.

Providing a fast solution from the Research side will improve the business and promote it to the next level. 


Branding is the next step after the research, select the suitable brand name that keeps recalling by your customers. The brand name is the next important priority to create a business. Branding can be done in various ways like

  • Having a short website and domain name
  • A domain name that is easy to remember and domain registration 
  • Take research on Golden Circle,

Why: People see why you do rather than what you do.

How: Differentiate things from you and your competitors

What: See what are the products or services you offer the best.

  • Compare competitors with you and see the improvement that can be changed 
  • The website name should be preferred to reach a wider audience.
  • Choose the best business name that relates to your work. The business name will impact when creating a logo and buying a domain.
  • Choose the best brand color emotion according to the need.
  • Creating a Logo – Face of a company
  • The trademark registration for the brand name and logo 

These are the most important steps to follow while branding takes place. Choose the best name for business to capture your users.

Product application

The product application should contain ready-made installation, cost-effective, customizable, and scalable features with a high chance of success. Trioangle created a Letgo clone script with core features like

  • Server installation – Free installation to your server once the purchase is completed.
  • App submission – App will be submitted for both iOS and Android at free of cost.
  • White labeling – Replace the brand and logo for your convenience
  • Multiple Payment Gateway integrations like PayPal and Stripe.
  • SEO Friendly
  • Technical Support
  • Site Settings management 
  • Sign Up/Sign In using Facebook and Google
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Reviews and Ratings in both web and mobile
  • Support after rejection
  • Multiple listings and advanced filters

Monetization Features

Online Classified software makes money features like,

  • Subscription/Membership Fees: Monthly subscription/membership fees included inside the app to purchase to get extra features like calling to the seller and provides them features listings
  • Featured Listing: To make the products at the top of the listings he/she should pay to the admin to get featured tag.
  • Adsense: Google Adsense created by Google to display the text, photos, and videos into the app or website to earn money.

How to market classified website

To market, the classified website to reach the customers and able to use the software with high traffic some of the techniques are involved.

  • SEO Optimization
  • Start the social account campaign and regularly update the post
  • Start writing the blog and post it to your blog submission site.
  • Create an organic content to build your strength

These are the major steps of the classified script to run a business. Trioangle Technologies provides you the best online classified script with the perfect solution to run their own script. Provided with many core features and add-ons can be added as per the user convenience.

A businessman can start a cost-effective solution to turn classified script ideas into reality to start business contact [email protected]