Everyone liked to swipe the profiles in Tinder,  and many are starting to like that feature. This feature is included only in dating apps. It’s time for Entrepreneurs to start a different business with the swiping feature rather than dating. Trioangle offers the Tinder Clone script with the core features available like Tinder.

Different Kind Of Business To Start With Swiping Feature

  • Swipe for e-Commerce
  • Swipe for Food Ordering
  • Swipe for Job Classifieds
  • Swipe for Quiz App
  • Swipe for Pet Dating
  • Swipe for Questions

Many applications with the swiping feature and this is the reason to choose different businesses to reach a higher level with the same swipe design.

Swipe For e-Commerce

Swiping for e-Commerce is to select the best offer products based on the categories to choose based on the filters. Businesses can be started based on the category selection, like only shoes, clothes, watches, and so on.. E-commerce is the best selection to start a business with swiping features.

Swipe for Food Ordering 

Food Ordering/Delivery business is on a high now. It is the best time to start the business with a food ordering swiping solution. The application connects to a user with the hotels within the radius and swipe the restaurants based on the decision and to select based on availability. Based on the requirements you can choose to choose the usage of swiping features inside your application.

Swipe for Job Classifieds

Many job classified applications are there in the market with a similar working procedure. Now Entrepreneurs can start the job classifieds business with a new model of swiping. 

How It Works

A user can sign up using email id, phone number, and Facebook. The home page of the application will be displayed, and the user can filter the job classifieds with the requirements. The company details will be displayed on the page if you swipe right the company details, and the job requirements will be posted in detail and if you swipe left, the next suggestion will be received.

Swipe for Quiz

Many Quiz applications worked based on selected options. Many Quiz applications are based on the categories chosen, and the working process will be the same as choosing the options. 

Here we can choose a different working process like swiping the correct answer, and people using the application will love to join more quizzes.

Swiping for Pets

The same feature of Tinder will be worked here with the replacement of pets. It’s like Tinder for Pets. Entrepreneurs can start the business with the dating of pets to improve their new business style. Recently many dating apps for pets launched and running successfully. It is the right time to start the business with Tinder Clone

Swiping for Questions

Swiping for questions will work with the universe of people who will ask different questions based on the category chosen. Select the swipe right option to know the full details about the question, and the users already answered. Many forum sites are available to ask questions with the same working techniques.

These are the few examples of a business that can launch with swiping features, and let’s see what features/benefits provided to start a business with the swiping feature are.

Benefits of Swiping Apps

User Features

Multiple SignUp/Login: A user can sign up or login using social media like Gmail, Facebook and through the phone number

Search Filters: User can change his filter based on the requirements needed providing in the application

Quick Notifications: App will notify very quickly about the update for your profile to keep you engaging.

Unlimited Selection: Users can view/select unlimited profiles based on the requirements.

In-App Purchases: In-app purchases, the user should subscribe to the prime option to receive the premium benefits of the app. The in-app purchases will differ based on app selection.

Admin Features

Admin features include improving the admin panel and categorize easily for the users and verify the process is running smoothly.

User-Friendly Dashboard: Admin is provided with the user-friendly dashboard to view the overall app performance easily.

Admin Management: Admin can manage and separate the works by giving roles and permissions to the sub-admins.

User Management: Admin can view user information and track the details about the number of users joined and filter based on the number of people subscribed to the app-purchases.

Subscription Management: Admin can view/change the cost and validity of the subscription plans provided.

Reports: If any profile arises inappropriate behavior, the user can report other users with a reasonable problem. The administrator can block/ warn the said user.

These are user and admin features provided in the script, and we are able to customize it based on your requirements. Trioangle provides you the best solution to start a swiping app as the business solution.

What Trioangle Offers?

Trioangle offers the best solution for business people and includes many features like,

Server Installation

The script will be installed directly to your server free of cost after the purchase.

Bug Support

Trioangle provides you the bug-free script. At any critical time, if any bugs occur, it is our responsibility to support you to free from app-bug.

App Submission

App submission for both Playstore(Android) and Apps Store(iOS) will be submitted at free of cost.

White Labeling

In the created application, we will provide you to use your company name and logo everywhere.

Different types of businesses with swiping features can be launched within a couple of days. 

Contact us at [email protected] or click the website to know more about it.