On those days, one to one stranger meeting was not an acceptable thing to do, but the dating industry has changed the concept of meeting a stranger to have a date and experience a new way of life. There are more than 1500 online dating applications all over the world to connect strangers.

In the year 2012, the new dating application “Tinder “ was launched with a swiping feature of profiles. With the same approach, the number of applications had launched, but the engagement level is low while compared to Tinder. 

The market size of dating apps is increasing every year. The revenue growth of Tinder has increased two times compared to the year 2017.

Different Types Of Dating Apps

The type of dating apps is falling into two categories one is the websites like Match.com by asking full details about the individual, interest, and get matched based on the profile. The other type is like Tinder, Bubble, and many others login by using social media platforms and providing an interest but not necessary. 

Each website/application differs from one other based on the feature, but for the mutual concerns, Tinder is best compared to all other applications.

For example, the Bubble is an online dating application with the same Tinder features, but the specialty here is only women who can send a message first even if both got matched.

What People Are Looking For?

People looking for dating apps to create a new perspective on life and to create an experience should happen in life.

“What Are The Reasons To Use Dating Apps”

  • For having fun and new friends
  • To find a partner for a part of life or whole life.

So many people are using dating apps the most to get matches based on their interests.

 “How Quickly People Gets Involved In Sharing Personal Information”

Based on the match ones, personal information will be shared within minutes, hours, weeks, and months and it’s between both mutual concerns.

 “What Are The Reasons People Lie On Date Online”

  • To misuse the accurate information about the user.
  • To get more matches on the profile.
  • I don’t want to get caught by my friends.

 “How To Protect Information In Dating Applications”

  • Use Strong passwords
  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • Not allowing access to allow for contacts, camera option
  • Share limited information in both bio and chat.

Online Dating Business Model

The online dating business model falls into two categories, and the businessman can choose both the model or either one to get the profit.

  • Free Plans
    • In-app purchases
    • Advertising
  • Membership Plans
    • Validation

Free Plans

Every app will provide free plans to users with limited usage. To improve the usage of the app, the plans can be purchased to use the full features of the app.

In-app purchase

In-app purchasing, buying the subscription package, or the extra features rather than the free app.

The app purchases will be weekly, monthly, and yearly based on the price varies.


The application can set up advertisements with the help of Google Ad-sense. It is one of the revenue-generating processes.

Membership Plans

Membership plans require you to pay a fee to use the app for a certain period (weekly or monthly). This type of application is a one-time subscription and can buy to have premium features inside the application itself.

Today, most people are relying on digital medium only, so it’s time to start a perfect dating application like Tinder Clone to improve your business path to success with the security features provided.

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