Are you running a taxi business in a pen-and-paper model? Or are you thinking about launching a new taxi business? Then you should come over to the features of the Uber Clone App!

Uber being a pioneer in this industry, has set new standards for customer convenience and service efficiency. Their innovation took the taxi business to new heights. Thanks to the technologies that people have access to. 

Without it, Uber would not be able to deliver their innovation to their customer nor customers enjoy the convenience they experience today.   

To streamline and simplify your taxi business, developing an Uber clone app can be a game-changer. It possesses the core features that simplify the taxi business and are essential for modern raid-hailing needs.

Want to know the key features of the Uber clone app? Just scroll down with peace. All information is provided to enlighten you to create a better raid-hailing business. 

Core Features of the Uber Clone App 

Rider Features

Social Media Login

Riders can log in to the Uber clone app with their existing social media account such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. They don’t have to complete or skip sign-up pages. By confirming their social media log in, they can use the app without frills. 

Outlandish Car List

Once the sign-up process ends, riders are taken to the page of cars available to hail. They can view an endless list of cars to choose one that fits their riding needs. With HD pics and car specifications, riders can take informed decisions while booking a car.    

Instant Booking 

Riders can book cars immediately after they find the fitting car. Don’t have to wait for a long call for booking confirmation. Just with a click, they can book a car. Once the car is confirmed they receive an instant notification from the app.  

Live Notifier 

The live notifier will send alerts to riders from the point they book the car to ride completion. So they don’t miss the actions happening between them. They can always be alert about the ride such as rider arrival, payment completion, nearing destination, etc.  

Cancel Ride

Riders can cancel their booked ride anytime they think. For a limited time, the service provider stays away from deducting service charges. According to the loyalty score of riders, the Uber clone app collects cancellation charges from riders. 

Virtual Payment

Taxi service chargers can be paid virtually through the Uber clone app. So riders don’t have to carry cash for payments. They can scan the QR and pay the exact cost of the ride to the driver. Payment details will be recorded in the digital ledger for them to review past transactions. 

Driver Features  

Ride Accept & Reject

There is no stress for drivers to bring sales. It’s their wish to go for a ride or take a rest. They get income for which they worked. They can accept or decline ride requests in the Uber clone app according to feasibility. If they often decline requests, their service credits will be reduced eventually.     

Dynamic Profile Page

Drivers don’t need to remember or record their riding activities personally. The dynamic profile page designed for drivers will save and display all the information related to their past ride activities, credit score, overall payments, etc. It shows critical analytics too that shows where they are good at and where they can improve further. 

Virtual Ride Meter

Virtual ride meter assists drivers count travel distances without consciousness. For every ride they go on, this meter calculates and provides accurate travel distance details. They don’t have to check the odometer often to count the kilometer traveled. They can use a virtual ride meter instead that provides data on total and individual ride distances. 

Vibrant Geo Map

Drivers’ vibrant geo maps are not only used to navigate but also for finding potential rides. This map shows where the rider’s need is high for a taxi. It frequently updates the information. So drivers can find more rides by reaching the location it shows as ‘peak.’ They don’t have to wait long for rides hereafter. 

Personalized Recommendations    

An app like Uber provides personalized recommendations to drivers on upgrading their skills, services, market status, rider experience enhancements, etc. They can equip themselves for changing markets. Also, these recommendations will help them improve to provide the best taxi-hailing services.

Admin Features

All-In-One Dashboard

The all-in-one dashboard enables admins to oversee the taxi-hailing business in one tab. They can view how their business growing, at what pace it’s moving, hurdles in the way to achieve goals, etc. They can take instant decisions by viewing every data virtually. This dashboard allows admins to customize the platform with ease.

Admin Management

Admin management allows adding or removing admins from accessing the platform. Admins can edit roles and permission too for people who supervise administration work.    

Govern Users

Governing users (both riders and drivers) are so simple for admins to run a taxi-hailing business smoothly. They can review, appreciate, suspend, or even delete the user account without notifying them. Administrators have all the right to do if the account doesn’t comply with business guidelines. They can take any action instantly using the Uber clone app. 

Map Management

Map management allows admins to view and edit heat locations to improvise ride potential. This allows admins to watch every driver closely. It shows speed, completed rides, ride rejects too. These all are not the function of map management. But for its robust opportunity, these details are provided to simplify the analytical process for admin. 

Payment Systems

Admins can view how much their business produces profits. They can compare it previous month, year, or even day to make an informed decision. They can add or remove payment integration to match market needs. Also, this system authorizes them to analyze which transaction mode is popular for their business. So they can continue with that service to offer a user-friendly experience.


Uber clone app has this much of rich features that simplify the taxi-hailing business.  If you’re readying to develop an app like Uber, you’re on the right track. You not only simplify your business activities but you turn them into more potential services.

Staying more potential is more important for taxi-business. So it can stay active in this competitive industry. It’s far better to develop software for this business instead of trying the brick-and-mortar method. It’s not outdated still, but has more complications to run the taxi-hailing business which has the possibility for simplification. 

Let’s simplify your taxi business 😊