Every business is growing online to reach more customers. In this current situation, customers can also get pharmacy delivery like grocery service online drivers come to your door-step to deliver the order.

Using Android and iOS applications for the success of online business. These mobile and iOS applications have unlocked the various opportunities for the entrepreneurs and startups to come up with different business ideas.

However, You don’t need to have a new and innovative idea to start a business and become a successful entrepreneur. Mobile app technology and Uber have already achieved that. Core concept of Uber is familiar and starting a new business like Uber for pharmacy delivery app is easy and very efficient.

Trioangle Technology offers ready-made pharmacy clone app to entrepreneurs. Using the ready-made script admin can make drivers to deliver the medicine from the Store to the User. Admin can earn revenue by getting commission from the Store, booking fee from the user, driver commision fee, delivery charge. Penalty is collected when the user, driver or store cancels the order often.

To make more convenient uber clone app come with four different modules,

  1. User panel
  2. Admin panel
  3. Pharmacy panel
  4. Driver panel

Admin Panel:

  • User management:

Customers of Uber Clone have to initially create an account to use the service and the entire data will be securely stored on the cloud and only accessed by the admin through the admin panel. How often users make an order are stored periodically.

  • Driver management:

Admin can employ a new driver and verification undergone online. Drivers have to submit vehicle documents & license for getting admin’s approval through online. Drivers can cancel orders in case of an emergency.

  • Store management:

Store keepers have to feed all the available stock in the pharmacy. Admin have to approve that for display as listing. Admin have to market their product to store-keepers for being listed. More pharmacy listings on the business more revenue can be generated.

  • Role of Admin:

Through the admin panel in Uber clone app we can handle the entire pharmacy booking business. Admin have the power to issue access for maintaining a store and driver approval, not just storing data of customers. Either admin can add or remove the pharmacy & driver via the admin panel.  Admin can customize the site (by changing logo, color & size), release salary, owe management, and admin have to pay when the payment is online.

These are some reasons that attract the admin to start a pharmacy delivery business. Reason to start these businesses, due to pandemic most of all need the medicines at their door-steps. This is the correct time to start this business.

If you decide to start an online medicine delivery app Trioangle Technologies ready with an instant cloning pharmacy script to build your business. We provide ready-made scripts with free server installation, app submission, bug support, etc.

For more information contact us:

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