Covid – 19 hit us very badly not only our life also our economy & wealth. In this tough situation, can we become an entrepreneur to earn money? This is the question that arises in front of most people. The answer is “Yes”, we can become a successful entrepreneur. In this tough situation, most online businesses run without any disturbances and generate more revenue than the normal days. So online business will be the best to become an entrepreneur. Then another question arises, which online business is suitable?. Read below for a detailed explanation.

We have come an extended way from radio to the internet, nowadays technical progress is moving much faster than our imagination. The world is so rushed that we barely find time for love or money, especially when it comes to meeting new people and establishing valuable connections. this is often why dating apps are so popular today. People want to see new faces.

In this internet era, mobile devices provide an up to date life for online dating culture which attracts the successful path for the dating apps like Tinder undoubtedly. Once after its release in 2012, the Tinder app raised as the top dating app within a short period. 

More than 100 million users, 5.2 million paying subscribers and 800 million US dollar revenue the dating business, Tinder shines because of the best business concept who are looking forward to the dating app development.

Why Tinder Clone?

Tinder Clone Script is an online dating app that enables users to seek out people easily and find connections with them in real life within a short period of their time. Generally it an online platform that connects the people that are finding out their partner and assets them to decide on their partner based on their needs.

Our script is used for dating matches and is also designed for multiple purposes like Friends network, Business network, Sports network, and Dating. With its attractive design and latest technologies, Our script facilitates uninterrupted communication among the interested matches. The igniter is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

Enlightening Features of Tinder Clone

Multiple Sign-Up / Sign-In

Multiple users can sign-up / sign in with their Phone number, Facebook id, and Apple id. For users Android and iOS platforms and Web applications for Admin management.

Smooth Search Filters

Igniter has an advanced search filter, where users can search matches by age, gender, and distance, Users can change their modes of searches in their settings.

In-App Purchase

Igniter uses an In-App Purchase option for payment if the user wants to use the paid features like seeing who likes your profile, rewind, super like, boost, add a new location and control your profile.

Unlimited Matches

The users have unlimited matches when they have likes between mutual profiles in Igniter and you can choose your network for matches.

Igniter Boost

By using the Boost option your profile will be in the top position for 30 minutes. It helps to reach more people and increase the chance for more matches. 

Super Like

Super Like is the option to show more interest on a profile while swiping. The person who gave super likes to a profile will be highlighted with a star symbol while swiping.

Igniter Gold

Igniter Gold allows its user to match faster with boosts option, unlimited rewinds and unlimited likes, super likes per day, can see the profile all around the world.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is to update your day to day activities for everyone to see. This feature enables the matched one to get to know more about you.

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