The business needs for the people is required that many of them are following their routine works and to lead a good life with their family. The taxi service is a need for people and to make the people comfortable to travel the nearby places. 

Many Entrepreneurs are wishing to start a taxi business with new strategies. An On-demand taxi booking business is making more profitable where the users are regularly requesting the ride by providing the services top notch. Let’s see what are the in-depth features provided in the Uber Clone.

Uber Clone

Nowadays it is required to have features in all the app provided to do the business. The on-demand taxi services are provided the app like,

  1. Rider App
  2. Driver App
  3. Admin Web App

The taxi business services are provided with the features that a business needs. The need for the taxi business is there and can make it profitable. 

Basic Features Of Rider App

SignIn/Up: The riders can easily sign in to the app with a phone number, social media like Facebook, Google, and Apple Id. 

Notifications: Notifications for the rider app will receive after the ride is confirmed with an OTP, vehicle number plate, and driver’s name

Payment Methods: The rider can pay for the ride with the gateways included in the rider payment option. 

Ratings&Reviews: The user can give ratings and reviews to the driver based on the ride experience and the behavior. 

Multiple Languages: The user app is provided with multiple languages for the user’s convenience. 

Advanced Features Of Rider App

Ride-Sharing: The riders can share their ride with their neighbors or with their colleagues to reduce the cost of the ride. 

Schedule Ride: The user can schedule the rides based on the need. The drivers will be assigned automatically by providing the details to the user. 

Gender Preference Ride: The user can change the preference of the ride to gender if the user is female. 

Handicapped and Childseat Preference Ride: The user can change the preference and search for the vehicles with the handicapped and child seat availability.  

Features Of Driver App 

SignIn/Up: The drivers can sign in using the phone number only for the verification process. 

Instant Notifications: The driver can receive the notifications instantly once the rider requested the ride. 

Accept Or Reject Request: The driver can either accept or reject the request from the Taxi Booking app once the rider requested the ride. 

MultiVehicle Option: The driver can add multi vehicles to improve the booking from the user with the help of the multi-vehicle option.  

Advanced Features Of Driver App

Earnings Report: The driver can see the earning report with the number of tri

My Trips: The trips of the already completed can be viewed on the My Trips page and in upcoming trips, the driver can view the details. 

In-App Call and Chat: The driver can chat or call the rider to know about the exact location of the pickup. 

Features Of Admin Panel 

God’s Eye Dashboard: The admin panel provides the dashboard to maintain all the activities happening in the Taxi App. 

Heat Map: The heat map can be viewed by the admin to show the drivers a hotspot place to get the rides. 

Manage Vehicles: Admin can add any number of vehicles to have On-demand to create the people to use the services provided. 

Manual Booking: Admin can book for the people who dont have the app. It will build more customers and improve the usage of the services. 

Features determine your app’s success in the market. Your Uber clone app should provide unique and user-friendly features. Make sure you integrate these features into your app during your on-demand taxi booking app development.

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