Drizly allows the users to shop their favorite alcoholic beverages from their mobile, which is a two-sided market that connects the end-users and retailers through the app. The reason why users choose the drizly app is for convenience. The app consists of 3000 liquor stores and covers various liquor products.

Drizly is a leader in alcohol e-commerce and delivery has increased its profit by over 350% in 2020 as compared to 2019 while this is a tremendous profitable achievement. Drizly is an intermediary app between the store owners and users, with the help of its technology and features. The number of users for the drizly app is increasing day-to-day.

Working of Drizly

Users visit the app, search for their favorite one, compare the price between different stores’ products, select required products and make the payment. Then the order is directed towards the respective store and the store owner has to accept, prepare the order for delivery & deliver to them. Users are well informed during the entire delivery process and track their orders via the app.

Revenue Model of Drizly

From the liquor store monthly licensing fee is collected who use the platform, this may vary in the range of $100 to $10,000 and fee depends upon different factors like the value of the delivery and delivery-zone served. Drizly doesn’t charge any interest from the stores on any transaction, all the money originating from the sales of liquor goes to the liquor stores only.

What Makes Drizly Unique?

Drizly has various features which makes the users feel an unparalleled experience and makes the start-up stand out among other on-demand liquor delivery apps. They have been tirelessly working towards reaching unique user’s experiences when using the app. Some of the uniqueness in Drizly listed below,

  • The app consists of 2000 different alcohol products listed on it, which gives the option for the users to choose. Other than drizly, there is no on-demand liquor delivery app that can boast of such a rich offering, which clearly gives an edge. Also, there is no additional charge for any of the products or fair pricing in Drizly.
  • In the US, drizly operates and delivers the user’s requested products to more than 100 cities and there is no other app that caters to so many cities.
  • The app is moreover user-friendly and convenient for the users to order the alcohol easily, compare prices and search for the different products through the app.

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