During the post-pandemic in 2022, delivery platforms positioned themself as strong in front of all businesses.

When we talk about delivery service, there are multi sub-categories like a parcel, food, pharmacy, Ecommerce, grocery delivery, and more.

Stats on Delivery Services

Have you ever imagined all services in one platform?. This is the right time for that. A one-stop solution called Glovo Clone is a perfect example of that. Then, you have the question of whether it is really helpful for generating revenue. 

Certainly yes. Because of the customer demands and vast service providers, there is a need for a single app to merge them is essential. 

Still, you are not believing?. Let’s have a quick look at the following stats to get a clear idea. 

  1. Currently, 83% of internet users use delivery platforms.
  2. 63% of millennials want greater delivery flexibility.
  3. Delivery service market growth is expected to reach $234.206 million in the year 2022.

Interesting things! Are you aware of these?. What do these stats convey to us?. There is a huge demand for the delivery platforms and service providers also need to satisfy more customers for high revenue. 

In this blog, we are going to discuss 5 engaging factors to bring more revenue to delivery service. This helps you to position your delivery brand first in front of your customers. 

Understand The Concept Of Delivery Service:

Before getting into engaging factors for delivery service. Let’s discuss how the delivery service is working.

Are you interested in delivery service?

The concept of delivery service is to pick up ordered items and deliver them to customers. That simple process when using the Glovo Clone App from Trioangle. It allows the customers to order favorite items from the store with a single touch on our app.

Get More Revenue Via Engaging Factors:

Have you ever thought about how delivery companies attain revenue?

Well, here I am going to reveal the top 5 engaging factors for delivery services that make your pocket full with profits. Interestingly! All mentioned factors come in Trioangle’s Glovo Clone App.

  1. Attractive product listing
  2. Location-based services
  3. Smart payment interface
  4. Engage with the social audience
  5. Trusted key partners

Attractive product listing:

Customers wish to search on your app based on their expectations. If your app does not have an attractive product listing, then no one will engage with your app. Alternatively, Glovo from Trioangle’s uses attractive UX design and filter options to filter new arrival products, price range, and category, etc.

By providing such an attractive listing interface, you can hold your customer for a long way. This drives more revenue.

Location-based services:

When a customer searches for any item, they wish to know the location of the shop before they order. This helps them to decide to choose the nearest shop. To fulfill their needs, Glovo Clone App introduced live tracking options.

By offering this service, customers are able to track their delivery orders and estimate the time of delivery. All these make them feel comfortable while ordering.

Smart payment interface:

After post-pandemic, customers feel the need to pay on digital platforms, especially in their own currency. This makes them get a personal feel with your app. When you integrate a smart payment interface like multi-payment ( credit, debit cards, PayPal, and more )  using Trioangle’s Glovo clone can help you to grow your audience base.

When the audience base grows, automatically you can generate huge recurring revenue from them.

Engage with the social audience:

Nowadays, social media has become popular across the business world. To get more social fame, you need to add social login using the Glovo Clone App. Not only that, but shop owners, delivery partners, and customers login via social media. Shop owners highlight products to grab the customer’s attention. 

Also, the delivery partners can refer others via social media. As this process continues, you can generate high revenue from advertising and referral via social media-free methods.

Trusted Key Partners:

As you see from some stats from above, quality delivery partners play an important role in generating revenue for the delivery service business. To monitor your delivery partner’s performance, you need rating and review options from Glovo Clone App to increase your sales and prospects.

By using options, you can get trusted reviews from customers and shop owners. All these make the customers trust your delivery service.

Summing up:

Online delivery service is a promising business idea for making money as evidenced by the success of famous companies. If you need to bring more revenue from delivery services, then try these factors from the Glovo Clone App.

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