Nowadays, the demand for handyman services is at its peak. You might have considered entering this lucrative industry by developing a handyman app.

Along with that, doubts might arise regarding which app development company to hire to build your app.  

From now on, you don’t need to probe about this anymore…

Trioangle Technologies is the one-stop-shop Uber for handyman services app development firm. 

Its product “GoferHandy” is a comprehensive handyman app development solution. This solution enables you to build & launch a brand-new handyman app quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. 

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Why Choose Trioangle’s Uber for Handyman App (GoferHandy)?

Trioangle’s Uber for Handyman, aka GoferHandy, enables you to develop a customizable handyman app. You can customize and integrate advanced features in the platform according to industry trends and business requirements.  

In addition to that, Trioangle has upgraded the product with AI-fueled features. You could automate most of the business operations, reduce the workload, and improve productivity drastically.

The company’s Uber for Handyman suits to develop a wide range of on-demand service apps. Some of them are:

  • Babysitting app
  • Beauty Services app
  • Car Wash app
  • Laundry app
  • Electricians app
  • Pest Control app
  • Plumbers app
  • Maids app

Your target industry could be anything. Handyman app like Uber allows you to build the best app accordingly. 

What are the Handyman App Features Provided by Trioangle?

Trioangle provides a handyman app with all the essential features. Additionally, it has improved the solution with AI-integrated attributes to make your business even more seamless. Let’s discover those features in detail.

User Features of Handyman App

User Features of Trioangle's Handyman app


GoferHandy prioritizes authenticity. It requires every user to register themselves before hiring a handyman. They can effortlessly register themselves by using mobile numbers, e-mail IDs, and social media accounts. 

Instant Booking

Users can efficiently find nearby service providers and hire them instantly. 

Service Provider Profile

Before hiring, users can check the service provider’s profile to ensure they are the right fit for the task. Also, users can view the service provider’s ratings, expertise, and total jobs done on the profile page. 

Job Cancellation

Goferhandy enables users to cancel the bookings made by them. They have to provide a valid reason for making the cancellation.   

Virtual Assistant [AI-Integrated]

Users can utilize this AI-integrated virtual assistant feature in case they have some queries. The queries can be about the details of the handyman services or app navigation. This AI feature will provide personalized help to them more quickly.

Personalized Engine [AI-integrated]

This personalized engine will read users’ behavior, activities, and interests, and then utilize those patterns to offer them personalized service recommendations, push alerts, and discounts.      

Service Provider Features of Handyman app

Service provider features of Trioangle's handyman app


Registration for service providers is mandatory. They have to register with a valid phone number, e-mail ID, and certifications to become approved service providers of the app.  

Set Work Location and Radius

Service providers can set preferred work location and radius in the GoferHandy app. They will receive job requests from the selected locations and radius only.

Specify Work Time

Service providers can specify the work timings in the Uber for handyman app. The app will assign them the jobs at the specified timings alone.     

Heat Map

The heat map allows the service provider to locate the area that has more demand. By following the heat map, they can attend to more clients and earn better income.  

Earnings Tracker

The earnings tab allows the service provider to track the income they made through the platform.   

Admin Features of Handyman App

Admin features of Trioangle's handyman app

Manage Sub Admin 

Admins can add, manage, and remove sub-admins in the GoferHandy app. 

Assign Roles

In the Uber for handyman app, administrators can create, and assign roles to sub-admins.

Add New Service

Admins can include new handyman services in the platform. They can expand the business in this way by offering additional on-demand services.  

Dynamic Pricing [AI-integrated]

The dynamic pricing feature will automatically assign pricing for each handyman service. It will analyze the service demand, location, and competitor pricing in real-time to provide services at competitive prices.  

Manage Language

Admins can include or exclude languages in the platform as per the requirement.

These are the list of GoferHandy’s features. Due to the 100% customizability option, you can modify these features to your needs. Plus, if you want to incorporate any additional feature in the platform, we can arrange it for you. 

What are the Support Provided by Trioangle? 

Support provided by Trioangle

Trioangle offers complete pre & post app development support for its clients. We ensure our clients that we are always there to help them run the business without any technical interruption.     

Free Server Installation

We help you install Uber for handyman script to your server at no cost. 

Free App Submission

Once your handyman app is completely developed and ready for launch, we help you submit it to both the App Store and Play Store free of cost. 

Free Bug Clearance  

While we launch the app, we ensure that it is functioning properly without any bugs or glitch issues. In case any issues arise, we are available to immediately clear those bugs in your platform. We do this timely service for you free of cost. 

Native iOS and Android Apps

We develop your Uber for handyman app using the native languages of iOS & Android. It’s to make sure that your app should function on all platforms seamlessly. 

100% Source Code Delivery

We provide the 100% source code of the app to you. We do this service to enable you to change the code according to your preference. You can easily integrate new features and functionalities into your platform if you have the source code. If you want some support to rework the app, let us do it for you.

These are comprehensive tech support you will get if you hire us to develop your handyman app.    

Let’s View What Our Client Say About GoferHandy  

“I am very delighted to work with Trioangle Technologies for my handyman services. After deep research, I have a chance to partner with them. The product they gave to me is a highly secure and intelligent one. I am thankful for their cooperation, timely communication, and the futuristic product for us.” Says Tshepiso from South Africa.

Are You Ready to Hire Us to Develop Your Handyman App? 

This is us. If you employ us to build your Uber for Handyman Services app, you will get to launch the best solution in the market. We provide you with all the advanced features [AI-based also], and comprehensive support that you need to run your business hassle-free.

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