Are you a budding entrepreneur? Or the person needs to start a new business?

Here is the gojek clone app a sound business model to pick. 

This article will clearly show the reasons to choose the multi-service business model. 

Let’s dive into the blog. 

Multi-Service Business Model-What?

A single app that serves multiple services in a platform is an online multi-service business. To be exact, Gojek is the most popular app that serves multiple businesses, that includes food delivery, ride-hailing, grocery, payment, ticket bookings, and more. 

These apps give consumers more flexibility in obtaining any services. 

Services That You Can Cover In A Single Multi-Service Marketplace

Building a multi-service marketplace will offer you opportunities to explore various businesses. Select a set of on-demand businesses, then integrate all those in a separate module. Gojek is performing well in this app model that holds the major on-demand businesses in a single app, named as Gojek Super app. 

Let’s you ready to build an Ultimate app like Gojek using its clone solution. 

Here are some of the on-demand business models, to integrate initially. 

All-In-One Delivery Services

A top market that is sharing a big revenue in the global space is delivery apps. The apps like Ubereats, Grubhub, and Deliveroo are doing great service to their consumers.  Include your delivery services for all food, grocery, pharmacy, logistics, and with more top delivery demands. 

These apps are getting high demand due to the increased professional pace, short time to snack quickly with many options, and more. Let you build your multi-service app with this All-in-one delivery to acquire potential users. 

Handyman Services

Handy apps are evolving as the demanding ones in the industry. Due to the different needs in the handyman parts, people are in need to get an app for handymen. This will give their services in a quick way, with a lot of comparisons between the service providers that bring an affordable manner. So, including this developing on-demand service will generate a huge number of users and revenue. 

Ride-Hailing Services

Ride-hailing apps like Uber are considered the transportation giant players in the market. Creating your app with ride-hailing services will outreach people easily and help to gain a huge number of riders who are also in need of your other services. 

This ride-hailing module will solely earn you more revenue if you are holding various vehicle types from two-wheelers to SUVs. This will also market your multi-service app in a word-of-mouth way. 

Payment Services

According to a report, payment apps are used by a large number of users. To say clearly, for every single minute there are millions of people making transactions over these payment services. 

Hence, these apps are generating more income via their service-providing functionalities and with commissions, advertisements, etc. Let you build your multi-service app by integrating the payment services.

Ticket Bookings

Many apps are providing ticket booking services, it’s from movies, flights, trains, and hotels. So, integrate your app with the ticket booking services that will help the users to engage with your app via the ongoing ads for the movie bookings.

Let you build your gojek clone app with all the above on-demand services, which will make your app a wise platform to grab every need of people.

Value Proposition Of Multi-Service Apps Like Gojek

Multi-apps Over The Single App

You can handle and hold multiple services over a single app. Users can accumulate all their needs in a single app, instead of installing varieties of apps. And as an entrepreneur, you can focus on different markets, and that can gain your high revenue. 

This app model will furnish you with an advanced way to seize all types of consumers with high revenue.

Provide Your Consumers More Option

Many people are tech-savvy, and they don’t want to share their phone memory by installing more apps for different needs. Apps like Gojek are furnishing the multi-service module and acquiring user attention highly. 

So, provide your app with multiple services and dynamic options to pick the need that admits them to enjoy a heavy user experience over the single app. 

Less Investment More Benefits

Your multi-service app is only going to be a big platform that accumulates a large number of service providers. Your process is to function like a medium in connecting the service providers and consumers. 

The main part of your investment is based only on the technology sector like in the development, servicing, and aggregating of the services. So, you are going to invest less money when compared to gaining ROI. Hence, it will be a cost-effective solution for you to build a Gojek clone app.

So, make a seizing multi-service platform that gives all the value propositions for you and for the end-users. gojek clone script will be the right model to explore your business thoughts wisely.  

Be A Multi-Service Entrepreneur

If you are a person who longs to own multiple businesses this multi-service app is the smart way to attain your dream. You can get all types of multiple services that you wish to grab in the industry. 

You can build your app with much flexibility and compatibility that supports all the featured updates and technology, That is it would be built to unwrap all your digital perks. 

Grow Your Revenue From Different Streams

As an entrepreneur, your main aspect is to succeed in the business with huge revenue. The multi-service app will give you a large amount of revenue, as per the investment and the service module that your app consumes. 

Focus on every module and market it to reach your target audiences separately. Surely, this app will earn revenues from more streams, like commissions, service charges, advertisements, in-app purchases, and more. The payment option will solely give you the various dynamics in earning revenue. Let you focus on the revenue stream features by giving prime options to the users. 


This blog would furnish you with knowledge about starting a multi-service business like Gojek. 

Surely, this will be the right time for you to start the entrepreneurial journey with a multi-service app like Gojek. Let you explore your tech finding with our remarkable gojek app clone and ready to reign your business with more revenue.