In today’s world, the competition for servicing people around the world is increasing. It is tough to enter the market with the mindset of service. Already there are competitors in communication services like Whatsapp who lead and flipped the entire messaging services. 

The main reason for people adapting to Whatsapp messaging services is because of comfort. Sophistication lies in the way of simplicity. You can text people without sharing your number with them. This is simple that offers much sophistication. 

In this blog, we are going to know about the features to develop apps like WhatsApp that lead to a revolution in the communication sector. Let’s jump into the blog. 

Ultimate Features Of The App

No Fee Services

Unlike service carriers, WhatsApp-like startup apps provide free services for text, voice, and video modes of communication. This makes people enjoy all mediums of communications mediums for free. But they have to rely upon the internet service charges.

Message Position

Users can view message positions in this dynamic communication platform. They can know the details of messages waiting, transmitted, delivered, and viewed by other end users. They can track when other end users read and replied to a message. 

Forward Message

Without the necessity of transferring messages by typing, users can forward the message they received to other users. This helps to maintain the authenticity of the message. And aids users to conserve time. Correspondingly, they can share the same message with multiple contacts by selecting. 

Copy, Edit, And Send Messages

Users can copy the message they received from other users. Then they can edit the message in a way they like to be. Once they edit it, they can spread it to other users instantly. Furthermore, they can do the same for the message they sent. This helps to quickly modify the message they want. 

Find Message

In this WhatsApp clone app, users can find the messages they sent or received. Using the search option, they can find messages they want, and they can get them instantly because of the app’s rapidity. 

Sending Voice

For people who don’t favor texting, the voice messaging option is the perfect alternative. They can send voice messages to contacts they want. They can send unlimited voice messages until their internet services run out. Even they can record voices without time limits. 

Emojis Line Up

Other than sending texts, users can send emojis to make their conversation more interesting. They can express their feelings, situation, and status using the emojis available in the app. The heterogenous HD emojis allow users to share their joy other than words. Similarly, they can add them to their messages to give messages in-depth.  

Reply Selectively

Users can send replies selectively when they received messages like a train. They can answer or reply to the messages by selecting the respective message. So they can deliver the message with accuracy. 

Trashing Messages

There is a phrase “said words can’t get back”. In these Whatsapp-like apps, you can delete them instantly before the other end user view them. So you can get the words back without any issues. Note: you can’t delete them when they exceed the time of trashing.

Mute Notifications

Users can mute notifications to get rid of the disturbances. They can mute conversation notifications for selective contacts. So they don’t miss notifications from contacts who are important to them. At the same time, they will not be notified when they mute unwanted contacts.

Media Attachments

Uploading and sending media files on social media is a trend today. Users can share media files like documents, pics, videos, etc., with their contacts. The process could be achieved with ease. So sending and receiving media files is simple in this Whatsapp clone app. Because of internet reliability, users can send and receive media files instantaneously. 

Media Editing

Like text editing, media can be edited with the in-build tools of the app. Before sending media, the app will ask users whether they prefer editing the pics. So users can send their media files by editing without needing any specific editing app. 

Automated Clarity Compressor

To maintain rapidity and performance, the app itself compresses the image quality that users upload in the app. They can experience the pic quality without breaking. And they can get a lighter-sized image. This helps the app to work faster for numerous users.

Live Location Sharing    

Finding the best routes for our beloved ones becomes easy after the introduction of the live location-sharing feature in the communication services app. People can share their live location instantly if they turned on the location feature on their smartphone.

Voice Calls

People started to talk beyond the limit on their smartphones because of the unlimited calling feature in WhatsApp apps. They can contact their loved ones beyond boundaries and make conversations without being time-bound. They can call their address book contacts immediately if they also turned on their internet connectivity. 

Video Calls

Depending upon competitor social media apps video calling is no longer needed today. People can contact their loved ones via video calling in the app. In this multi-service app, you can entirely do texting, voicing, and video calling. The dependency on other apps will be reduced. 

Broadcast Messaging

To transfer messages to a wide sector of contacts with this feature. You don’t need to send the message for contact by contact anymore. Adding a number of contacts to the broadcast list and sending messages is the trendier way of sharing messages. If contacts in the broadcast list reply, you’ll receive those messages as in private chat.

Group Chit Chat

If you want to converse a message and want a reply from various contacts, you can create a group in the app. There you can share messages with a wide set of contacts where they also can reply to your message. Everyone presenting in the group can view and reply to the messages that are shared in it.  

Winding Up

This blog focused primarily on the features of the WhatsApp clone app that you should know before developing. This will definitely help you to fix the features that you feel are needed for your app. Also the same time, you may find some features that are new to you. Take a decision today and start developing your multi-media social app with the best clone app development company. 

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