There is no appetite for me to tell you the peak demand for video streaming apps. You could know and also enjoy entertaining in this way of apps. 

Am I right?

Yes, absolutely. People are used to scrolling down with video streaming apps to watch some series and movies in their leisure time. 

In fact, we can say that these live-streaming apps are eating the human mind, and time and breaking the relation-building time of people. Though it may hurt, from the business view, these apps are playing a big role in sharing revenue in the online global market. 

So, if you are in the startup plan, then, this will be a feasible time to launch your Youtube video streaming app in the industry. 

If yes, this is the article for you to hold all the top niches to know before diving into the business plan. 

Let’s get in. 

1. Choose Your Video Streaming Business Model

Merely, it’s your first niche to pick your business model. Because there are different types of Video streaming apps model. 

Let’s have a quick short on what they are. 

Original Content Streaming Apps

This is a model in which your business is streaming the original content like series, and movies which are to be purchased from the production houses.  

It’s like Netflix and Hulu which are buying movies and content and streaming those in their apps. This content would not get streamed on other apps or other mediums on the internet, so these apps are giving unique content to people. Thus, these business models seize a lofty amount of user base. Let’s fix your model like Netflix clone Apps.

User-Generated Content Apps 

This model’s content was created by regular users who are called content creators. It’s like the apps of Youtube and Twitch, which are not buying content at any cost from other businesses.

Rather, sharing its revenue with its content creators based on the video likes and subscribers they are holding on to. This youtube-like broadcasting is purely based on the normal users who also act as the creators. 

Live TV Shows Broadcasting

Broadcasting only the shows of the respective Tv networks who are owning different modules in their networks like different regions and languages. Apart from their network shows and movies they didn’t broadcast others’ content.

HBO and Hotstar are some examples of Tv Shows broadcasting apps. This is moreover like the TV channels where users can see videos anywhere at any place with much comfort. 

If you are a big millionaire and own a Tv network then choose the type to launch your own Tv App with many subscription features. 

From the above video streaming apps model, it will be the sound one to pick two models which are Youtube and Netflix(OTT). Because it will be easy for you to start without heavy investments or combining your app with any Tv networks could also benefit you more. 

Let me first pick the crazy video streaming app that’s going on trend now. 

2. Look At The Top Players And Statistics Of The Streaming Apps

From the above models, you might have been confused to pick the right one. Here, I’ll help you to choose by saying the top players and the stats of the streaming apps.

Top Players Of Video Streaming Apps

  • Youtube
  • Netflix
  • Hulu Plus
  • HBO Max 
  • Disney Plus

Among them, YouTube and Netflix are the star platforms in the video streaming industry. Let’s see the impacts and revenue growth of major apps like Youtube and Netflix among users.


It’s a full-fledged free streaming app service, where there is no restriction on video numbers from the content creators. Allow them to publish video contents of their own which must not affect the terms and guidelines of Youtube. 

Youtube is broadcasting over 85+ channel categories like news, entertainment, sports, and more within its single platform. 

As per the statistics report, Youtube generated $28.8 billion in revenue in the year 2021. This owns users of over 2.5 billion users access once a month and also reached its premium subscribers of 50 million subscribers by the year 2021. 


As discussed earlier, it’s an original content broadcasting app for seeing movies by subscriptions. A report says, Netflix has earned $12.97 billion in revenue in the region of North America itself. And it had an operating profit of $5.1 billion in 2021 which is increasing year-on-year. Holding subscribers of about 223 million subscribers globally in the first quarter of the year 2022. 

These apps are two big giants in the streaming industry, which are progressing well in their own way. So, there is no doubt that creating these apps would never slow down in the future. 

3. Structure Your Streaming App With High-Quality Elements

The user experience is the important one to grab a huge number of users. 

Provide your app with highly qualified features in an attractive user interface, that should be easy to search and see. 

Multi-language high video quality content will support you to hold users worldwide. 

Shape your app structure so that videos on it should be easily adaptable to all screen sizes like it should be highly defined in the 65-inch led too. No pictorial breaks can be viewed in your app. 

Integration and updation of the data are musts. So, process all those finest elements to make your streaming app on trend without any old looks or lags. 

Complete your app with the algorithm to automate the most viewed content at the top page, which will help to adopt more users. 

4. Work To Hold Potential Viewer Base By Terrific Promotions

The viewer base would not come along with you while launching the app itself. You should do heavy promotions to brand your Youtube clone app.

Choose all your marketing mediums, this is the main part where you have to spend more investment. But, you should not skip this part. So, have the lists of cost-effective mediums. 

Social media marketing via the other top-named brands will give huge attention. Like dating apps will have a large number of young users promoting on the famous dating app would bring you more consumers than others. Let’s fill your promoting medium quickly to reach your targeted viewers. 

5. Hold A TO-DO Measures Of Youtube Clone App To Be Sustained In Future

Live Streaming apps like Youtube would involve a various number of tricks and strategies to retain the viewer’s base constantly. Because launching an app itself would not give you the counts and views. It is in the way you are portraying. 

For example, Youtube not only stops users with the only quality of the content it also acquires users by giving them non-stop recommendations and more interesting options too. 

Processing for the module like personalization will also turn your a large user base and thus make your app hotter in the streaming platform.

Look at your competitors and explore what they are accomplishing frequently to stick their users for a long time with their entertaining apps. Many of the top players are depending on the wise content creators and the video content they displayed. 

Although functioning in the app updation part also can be for a premium part also, it could also make your users get stuck funny with your video streaming app. 

Let’s concentrate on the strategies of the future part of updation and integration also. And make your app structure to be flexible and adaptable for all the customization processes. 

6. Analyze And Improve Your Way Of Earning Techniques

Generally, the live streaming apps are earning through the below points,


This is the primary earning factor of the live streaming apps, the more they acquire subscribers the higher they are generating revenue. This is a constant earning part of apps like Netflix and Youtube Plus.


Third-party ads are the other part of revenue in Netflix-like apps. It will be based on the views and clicks of the ad that the user processed. For every click of the ad, the advertiser should pay some amount to the app. 

Youtube is a fully advertising-based revenue-generating app. 

The above two are the general money-making facts of the live streaming apps, you can make your app with dynamic features and so name it as a pro, plus, gold, etc. 

Earning hugely is all in your unique strategy method and the way you are attracting the users and making them purchase it. So, list all the trendy features with some uniqueness and get a fine number of subscribers with your app. 

7. Fix Your Technical Crew

The above-all executions of your Youtube clone app are merely in the hands of your app development team. So, pick a pool of technical experts to complete your app with the use of higher-end technology. 

In my view, it will be better for you to take a Youtube clone app script for the development platform. Because the cost and the time will be effectively large when doing the start-from-scratch process. 

So, let’s outsource your live streaming app project to a mobile app development company like Trioangle which has a Youtube clone product called WatchIt. These brainers are intelligent in delivering the super-robust Youtube clone app.

Final Words

Launching a start-up is not easy at all. Because the percentage of entrepreneurs and tech competitors is growing larger, in which you have to face a lot of challenges along the way. So, surround yourself with the right business partners to deliver your strengths in the right method. 

And think this comprehensive business plan with the seven steps will suit all your individual needs. 

Let’s be ready to create your own enterprise with Trioangle as your tech partner.