Day by day, various companies have tried to update themselves with modern technology like automation, drone delivery options, and more. All of these make the food delivery industry to be prominent in the delivery services. Also, it has increased the demand and need for food delivery services in recent years.

Today, most entrepreneurs and business owners have talked about the usage of clone scripts such as DoorDash Clone. The reason is that you can easily start your food delivery service from scratch to enter into the food delivery industry with such outstanding features of these clone apps.

DoorDash Clone is the best platform for food delivery services. Also, it comes with top features and benefits that make both successful entrepreneurs and business owners prefer this clone app.

It’s amazing to see how your customers can order food with just a few steps? Let’s see some mind-blowing features in this blog while developing your DoorDash Clone.

5 Mind-Blowing Features of DoorDash Clone App:

Trioangle develops the DoorDash clone app with the smart mind-blowing features listed as follows:

  1. Smart Login
  2. Advanced Search
  3. Promo Code Management
  4. Attractive Menus
  5. On-time Delivery

Smart Login:

Having a simplified login or sign-up option makes your customers feel simple when they register in your food delivery app. DoorDash Clone from Trioangle comes with a social login option that helps the foodies to share their thoughts with relatives and friends etc.

Advanced Search:

Customers can feel comfortable when you provide a hassle-free navigation system using DoorDash Clone. This allows them to use both automatic and manual search options based on geolocation, category, price range, popularity, etc.

Promo Code Management:

Providing an exclusive coupon code can boost your profits and orders in food delivery service. To send promo codes to your customers, you need to come with promo code management features from this DoorDash Clone. By using this, customers can get engaged with your food delivery services.

Attractive Menus:

Make sure your foodies are happy while scrolling your delicious food items in your food delivery app. To achieve this, you need to add responsive and eye-catchy food listings that allow your customers to order food online based on their needs.

On-time Delivery:

Customers always expect your brand to keep up the promised delivery time. If not, they simply move forward to others. To meet such expectations, you need to integrate geo-based location maps using DoorDash Clone. This allows your delivery partners to deliver ordered food items within a given time.

How Does DoorDash Clone Work?

  1. Customers can sign up or log in using email or social login method to your food delivery app.
  2. Using the social login option, they can bypass required things like names, phone numbers, and other stuff.
  3. Once you sign up, they can browse to view different categories of food items in your delivery app.
  4. Also, they can filter food items based on their preferences like price range, categories, best-selling items, etc.
  5. Once they select their favorite food in a specific food store and add it to the cart.
  6. While the food is moved to the cart, you can see related food items to order again.
  7. Once you finalize the order, you move forward to payment options.
  8. In payment methods, customers have multiple options to pay using credit, debit cards, cash on delivery, or even crypto wallets, etc.
  9. Based on your convenience, customers can pay for ordered food.
  10. Once the payment process is complete, notify the restaurant owners of preparing your food.
  11. Finally, delivery partners deliver the prepared food from the restaurant and hand it over to your customers within a given time.

Why Choose DoorDash Clone App from Trioangle?

DoorDash Clone from Trioangle is perfect for your food delivery service. Also, it comes with advanced stuff like

  1. Free Server Installation
  2. Free App Submission
  3. Free Bug Support
  4. On-Time Support
  5. 100% Source Code
  6. Native IOS & Android Apps
  7. Support After App Rejection
  8. Free Technical Support
  9. Free White Labeling


I hope you have got an idea about the features of a food delivery app from scratch. DoorDash Clone app with smart workflow and the top mind-blowing features from Trioangle is the best platform to meet the food needs of both customers and entrepreneurs. 

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