The second-hand product marketplace is still a boom in every country. People are giving a chance to the product listed in the marketplace. The listed products are giving a good comparison between the new and the old. 

Letgo is an online marketplace to buy/sell second-hand products. The hype of letgo has improved with more than 20million users in 35 countries. Entrepreneurs can easily start the business with Letgo clone script with core and updated features offered by Trioangle Technologies. 


What is available In Letgo Clone

Letgo Clone is provided with the core features and also provided with rich features like geolocation, artificial intelligence, and image recognition. The seller will post based on the location and the exchange will happen in offline mode if it’s near. The other payment way is the seller contact the logistics and send your thing through the cash on delivery mode.

How Does Letgo Make Money

Featuring Ads: Seller will pay to your app to head up at the top of the list. Totally there will be 3 plans which are differentiated with the number of days.

Subscription Plan: A full package of a monthly subscription plan is provided to post and feature the product at the top of listings.

What’s New In Letgo Clone

Both the App and Web

  • Apple Login
  • Banner Option
  • Post Review System
  • Braintree  Payment Option

Build App Like Letgo

Building an app like Letgo is a good choice if you’ve hands-on this industry. The reason for the success of the marketplace like Letgo is its business and revenue model. So, if you’re planning for a similar marketplace then do deep research on its model as it will help you to achieve success.

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