Nowadays, online buy/sell services have become trendy among the common people and it is one of the money yielding businesses in the present world. Whether you believe it or not? The Letgo Clone is an online classified buy/sell marketplace, where the users can buy or sell the new and used products. 

This makes better sense for both sellers and buyers to utilize online classified marketplace with its unique functionalities. Moreover, it feels comfortable while selling and buying new and used products from online platforms. How easy is it? 

As the demand for online classified marketplace is competitive then you need to make sure your online classified application is distinct. By being unique, you can attract more customers and provide a smooth user experience while selling and buying a variety of new and used products. Moreover, you boost your revenue of the online classified business. 

In this blog, we are going to discuss how to rule the online classified marketplace with Letgo Clone application by having a glance at the advanced features that makes the buy/sell business unique and some of the important factors to rule the buy/sell marketplace.

Advanced Features That Make the Online Classified Business Unique:

Seamless Login:

Here, both sellers and buyers can list their products to buy and purchase the products from the online classified marketplace.  To do such things, Letgo Clone comes with simplified login options to make every user simpler and easier to login into the online classified marketplace.

By this, users have two options to login into the online application. One is using gmail and another using social media accounts like Facebook and Linkedin etc. Even if you use the social media login option, then automatically the information will sync to social media to access your account. Finally, this will save time on behalf of entering the information to login.

Smart Search and Filter:

Have you felt any lack while searching any products from online applications? If yes, then I would jump to a new platform. To avoid such things, Letgo Clone comes with a smart search and filter option.

All such options enable the users to browse the products based on search terms, prices range and location based search etc. Providing multiple search options can be helpful to the buyers who need to buy multiple categories from your online classified marketplace. Increasing the user experience to great would increase the revenue of your business. 

Finally, focusing on the smart search and filter option allows the customer to search for a specified product which will display only the products we search for.

Report Users:

The report users option is mainly used for security purposes where the buyers can report the sellers who are not selling the exact products that they showed in product listing or if you feel the products are a scam. Meanwhile, both sellers and buyers also have the option to add their feedback for reporting the other users.

Personalized Chat:

If a buyer likes any products from the product listing of your online classified marketplace or if they like to know more about the selected products. Then the users can contact the appropriate sellers by using this in-app chat or in-app call. 

By this option, users can quickly contact the sellers without making any sense. Also, the in-app chat has a pre template for chatting which helps to get clarification regarding this.

Favorite List:

Here, the buyers can add their interested products in the wishlist option for buying after when they need to buy those selected products in the future. To wishlist the products, you need to tap the heart icon which will be available at the top right of the products. Also, you can tap that icon for later references.

Promo Ads:

Using a promotional advertisement option, sellers can promote the products with the great deals, which will be useful to push buyers to buy the specific offered product. Meanwhile, the admin is also able to change the advertisement banners to attract the buyers for increasing the revenue to both sellers and admin.  

Custom Theme:

Here, the admin can change the theme color of an application background using a custom theme option. The one thing you need to notice is that the admin can change the theme of online classified applications without the help of the technical team support. The main use of custom themes is to stick your online classified app as trendy and can attract more users.

Trusted Review Management:

Here, the buyers can rate the products once they purchased them. The reviews are very much helpful to know about the product quantities that they sold by sellers. It is useful for the new users to trust and increase the huge number of users.

Important Factors to Rule the Buy/Sell Marketplace:

Buy Now Option:

Using the buy now option, users can purchase their interested items from the listed products instantly within the online classified application.

Filter Option:

App users can sort out the required listing products by applying filter options like price range, distance, and sort by. It helps the buyers to search for interesting products with more relevant options.

Payment Option:

App users can make the payment online with secured payment methods like Paypal or Stripe and even more options. Along with this, admin can add the crypto wallet payment method based on customized needs.

Chat Option:

If buyers need to contact the sellers related to any queries or bargain the products, then they can use chat options from online classified software. This helps them to contact directly without entering into the listing of the product in the application and also they can view their previous listing. 

Dynamic Option:

In this Letgo Clone script, admin can change the theme of the website by themselves without any technical team support. Finally, it helps them to save more cost on behalf of hiring a technical team to manage these things.


After reading this blog, you would get some knowledge about how you can rule the online classified business using this Letgo Clone Script. Instead of developing the online classified application from scratch, you can experience this Letgo Clone. This helps you to save more time and money while developing the online classified software from scratch.