UberEats Clone

Due to the tedious work cycle and timeless situations, many homes are forgetting the kitchen rooms in their home. 


How comfortable is this?


Here is a smartphone, and smart apps like Ubereats which is like the cloud kitchen.  Just through the pretty searches and clicks order on the phone, you will have the food within 30 minutes. 


What is else to do after? 

Simply take a rest and get ready to do the next chores. Because of this convenience people are moving to food delivery apps like UberEats using UberEats Clone


Let’s continue more. 

Peak Time Of Online Food Delivery Business Industry

The presence of appealing user-friendly apps and easy networking with restaurants and delivery partners gives millions of consumers a base. Lockdown and physical distancing offer enormous boosting services to these food delivery apps. 


After the rise of the pandemic situation, there is a huge and increased demand in the online food delivery industry. Many entrepreneurs are running to involve themselves in the food delivery platform because of the big profit impact on the ROI. 


Research also says that the emerging food delivery app will be at a rapid speed in the years after 2023. The population growth and the value proposition from the younger generation practices with these apps will distribute a heavy market demand in the platform. 


And the food delivery business doesn’t need a heavy investment at all. In my view,  the big clean investment is delivery app creation and accumulating the resources like the restaurant partners. 


So, if you are probing to own a business in online food delivery, then it will be a suitable time to launch. 


Let’s know the important factors to get a trendy food delivery app in the field. 

How To Set Your Online Food Delivery Business On Top?

As per the research, the United States is one of the regions where more complex delivery markets are running. With the 4 top players UberEats, Grubhub, Doordash, and Postmates this country is procuring a big level share in the industry. 


So, the region speaks a lot. Analyze the region crucially that you are going to implement the business, and avoid the peak cities which are already running with the top players. 


Because geographical competition will be one of the important battlegrounds for you in the coming years. 


Let’s dive into the important things to see before setting up your UberEats-like business.

Setup Your Location To Avoid The Heavy Battle


You may ask me how I can pick the region. 


It’s purely in your hands, for your efforts here I can share my suggestions for the location picking. 


  1. Take the population rate in the city and analyze them in a percentage for evaluating your targeted consumers. 


  1. Your consumers may probably, working professionals, and adults between the age of 18-40. Let you focus on the target consumer ratio. 


  1. Next, analyze the region who are your competitors working on the same platform which is also in the growing mode. Implement your app that strikes all their factors, for that progress to be unique.


  1. Work on the factors that love or special foods and the food habits of the specific locality. And make your app specifically with those features and collect your restaurant partners according to it. 


For example, in some regions, people won’t like fast and junk foods; they keep their own traditional food habits for eating. Places like that would not satisfy the connections of western restaurants, so be clear on this point before taking implementation. 


  1. Ensure your restaurant partners provide healthy and hygienic foods at an affordable rate. Because the food price will play a big role in comparison with other apps. 


So, merge your partners clearly to afford a reasonable price without any compromising in qualities. This also shows your business perspectives and decides the sustainable future of the app. 

Reliable Commission Rates

Fixing commission rates for restaurants and customers is a tedious process to do. These processes could vary from season to season. And this is your major part of the contention too. 


Because your online food ordering system is going to monetize with the commission streams only. Let’s look at what they are. 

Restaurant commission fees

For every order placed and bought by the consumers, restaurants have to pay you a certain amount of fee in accordance with the commission. 


Generally, this restaurant’s commission fees would be within the percentage between 15-30. Making this higher, would make your app highly controversial and cause a prominent impact on the restaurant bars. 

Customer Delivery Fees

Make your app algorithm automatically generate the customer delivery fee based on the distance between the consumers and the restaurant location. This delivery fee should be in the least manner because if you are fixing the charge above $10 there is a chance to lose people retention with your app. 


So, fix your app with a less delivery fee and enable it to benefit people as a big service to gain huge users.


Apart from these commission fees, you can also generate revenue from various types. Like, For the in-app advertisements and tips to drivers features that are immensely integrated with your restaurant ordering system


Setting commission rates is not only your desire, you should follow the regulations of your regional state or central government. Because during the pandemic situation many top competitors were used to levying highly on the consumers.


This creates a big surge, so the governments of countries like the United States, and India have imposed caps on these commissions and made them permanent. So, follow this rule and act established on it to avoid legal issues. 


Concentrate On Your Food Delivery App Development

While building the food delivery app development, you should focus on three apps simultaneously. 


Let’s look at the MVPs of all three apps. 

Consumer App Features


  • Registration/Login
  • Easy Search Options
  • Dynamic Categories For All Food Varieties
  • Easy Order Placement
  • Order History
  • Discount Coupons
  • Digital Payment Gateway Integration
  • Order Tracking With The Delivery Partner
  • Push Notifications
  • Ratings And Reviews About Restaurants 

Delivery Partner App Features

  • Profile Setup/ Sign in
  • Schedule And Order Management
  • Order Updates From Consumers 
  • Records Of Delivery
  • Earning Points
  • Total Number Of Deliver Evaluating Screening. 

Admin Panel App For Restaurants

  • Login With Profile Verification
  • Menu Management
  • Managing Orders
  • Payment Process


Apart from these features integration, you should also focus on synchronization via API. Because these food delivery apps would show only the on-time information only. 


So the data arrangement between these three apps and its server is more significant for the connection of the entire service. Or else the whole system can’t work in real-time. 


Let you concentrate curiously on the synchronization part of API with the database, mobile client, and cached memory.

Wind With Your Expertise Technical Partner

From the above blog, you may gain some knowledge of the important factors that you should work efficiently on. Let’s make your search for a remarkable food delivery app development company that will bear all your technical queries and requirements. 


And make sure that your tech partner is offering the clone app or instant app solutions like Ubereats to launch your app soon in the play store and app store.


Because creating a food delivery app from scratch will be a time-consuming one and may take nearly 5-6 months to complete it. So, live your business soon with the restaurant delivery software platforms. 


My modest wishes for your upcoming lucrative food delivery app business.