Tow Trucking Business? Yeah, It’s the best solution to start in winter. The trucking business is established with a good idea of providing a solution for stuck up vehicle crashing, and repaired on the road. 

The other reason for the increase in the trucking business is COVID-19. The manufacturing industries are down with the production of parts for the vehicles and many of them didn’t start the vehicle properly for the past six months with higher chances of a vehicle breakdown. It affects everything from producing to reaching out to the customers. Manufacturers don’t have the proper labor to help to produce the products and it’s difficult to reach out to the product to hand. 

This paves the way for Entrepreneurs to start a uber like app for tow trucking business at the right time to be the best among the towing business. It is better to have a good application to manage the truck drivers and for the payment.

Trioangle Technology gives the businessman tow trucking software to start a business effectively with the prime features of Uber. 

Features Of Tow Trucking Business

  • Multiple SignUp/Login – Users and truck owners can easily signup/login with social media like Facebook, Email, and Apple ID.
  • Live Tracking – After the successful booking of a tow truck, the user can easily track the driver’s location and can give a hint about the exact location of the breakdown. Users can instantly chat/call the driver to mention the problem and tell the accurate location. 
  • Easy Profile Management – Users and Service providers can manage their profile easily by adding/editing/ deleting the details of the profiles.
  • Multiple Payment – Tow truck offers multiple payment gateways like Paypal, Stripe, Wallet, and cash.
  • Review System – Users can give feedback and review to the truck driver about the service. Truck Drivers can also give feedback about the users for locating the driver in the right direction. 
  • Booking Cancellation – Both Users and Truck Drivers can cancel the booking when it is required but after the ride begins the user cannot cancel the booking. 


These are features of the Tow Trucking business so entrepreneurs don’t wait to start the business in the upcoming season.

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