E-learning App like Udemy is an application that enhances learners’ educational life easier. The app is designed to ensure learners stay up to date on things that they learn in their life. It offers free and in-person courses to learners according to their needs.

The app has a variety of courses on a variety of topics. It covers entire topics that are available throughout the world. And there is no shortage of topics for learners in learning things and the app is an excellent place for learning digitally.

Let’s see how you can develop an app like Udemy to enrich the society around you digitally. Additionally, we are going to see about the thing that you need to lodge in the app that makes people to cling your app.

Implement Your Ideas In App

Developing an e-learning app like Udemy needs more ideas to run it successfully. It covers students, workers, employees, elders, and others who want to improve their knowledge in their life. 

You have to provide courses for all learners who seek in your app. Excluding even one course will affect your e-learning environment drastically. So offer courses that satisfy every eager learner out there. 

Your ideas should be wide to not miss any topics in the field of education. And not all aspects of education getting more prominent and more popular at the same. So choose wisely on which topics you’re going to offer courses in your e-learning application.

Competitive Market Experimentation

Experimenting with your ideas with markets that goes well in the industry will help you to add and minus the ideas that you planned for your Udemy clone app development. The e-learning platform is a big concept where things seem necessary as well as not necessary. You only have to decide which to implement and which should not.

For example, there are premium courses in competitor e-learning apps that can be given for free. Giving those courses for free will bring learners of that particular course to your app. 

Like that comparing features will help you more in bringing more learners to your app. Try to implement strategies that they followed and unfollowed in their career. This will bring you success soon.

Deeply study the case studies of competitors in and out of your targeted industry. This will bring the awareness that you may need to adapt for your business.

Designing E-learning App

Udemy clone app is seeing success because of the design. Designing is an important part of developing an app. For e-learning apps, striking designs are a must to please learners coming to the app. 

Your app should be in a light color that gives less impact in the eyes of learners. Colors like blue, green, sky blue, and light magenta can be chosen as a theme for your e-learning app.

Collaborative designs must be avoided for the neat presentation of the app interface. Light designs, compact buttons, understandable language, lighter tone, and everything given in mild measure is wise for learning apps.

Importantly, the functions of the app should be uncomplicated. Putting more work on function is not required. It may lead to slower your app and frustrates learners even before they start learning in your app. 

Chalk Out Revenue Generation Methods

Paid Courses

Providing courses for cost is one of the ways of earning income from developing e-learning apps like Udemy. Payment courses will repulse some learners from buying it thinking about the quality of the course. To make them believe that your courses are rich in quality, provide some of them for ads.


Plainly advertising in your app is not recommendable for business. Instead, make themselves play the advertisements. Enable the ‘watch an ad to unlock’ option for learners who come to learn things for cost-free. By making them watch ads to learn new things, you can provide courses for free. At the same time, you’ll earn by filming the ads for wide viewers.


You can earn income by getting a commission from educational institutions. By setting a margin percentage, you can earn revenue by connecting institutions with more learners digitally. And institutions will pay you an amount for getting listed in the app. So your earning income will be more from the e-learning app than you run it from physical classrooms.

Getting Sponsors

You’ll get more sponsors if you provide the best quality education service on this digital learning platform. It’s like branding your e-learning business with branded companies. They’ll appreciate your efforts by sponsoring you with the requirements to take your business to the next level.

Earning is simple in today’s world. But servicing is not as simple as earning. But bonding those two things will make you excel in both fields. For that, the e-learning industry is the best medium to achieve that. We saw about earning methods. Let’s see about the servicing techniques in the following part of the blog.

Service Perspective In E-Learning Industry

Offer Courses For Free

Offering courses free of cost means a lot for learners who can’t afford for learning. In this digital world, everything can be availed easily. But the quality differs a lot in things that come under the range of free. So offer the best quality of courses for free of cost. This will make our society well.

Post Live Classes

Post-live classes will help learners who can’t able to attend live classes online. This will make their learning progress complete without any gaps in between.

Learning With Materials

Learning doesn’t stop with live and post-live classes. Learning can be done with materials that tutors provide learners in the app. Facilitating those options will make learners learn things with PDFs, notes, etc., 

Progress Report

Learning become better if there is an option to track its progress. Equipping your Udemy clone app with this feature will make learners know about their progress in their learning and areas that they need to focus more.

These are some services that you can include in the e-learning app that you’re going to develop. To know more about developing the Udemy clone app, come to our website by clicking the link I provided you.

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