Although we people live in a connected world, we people as a user search for a partner to share views. By digitally we are linked through technology, but by physically we people are lonely and stressful. Nowadays technology helps us to get relieved from stress. There are numerous apps which provide a solution by affording a better platform to share our views, find friends, partners to communicate.

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A Spark To StartUp:

The spark I have mentioned here is the loneliness, which can be cured using technology. Many social media apps are the real examples, who are prevailing successfully still now. Other than those apps, there are some of the applications like Tinder which helps to find a better match based on our favourites. 

It attracts users and nascent entrepreneurs with its seamless working features, functionalities and designs. It has been an inspirational working model for many new minds, that helps to develop their startup using this matchmaking method.

Match Making :

Tinder beautifies the term matchmaking and dating with a small gesture “Swiping”. Users felt easy find favourite fishes in the pond. This swiping inspired many young minds and that the reason for the development of the small step. The companies are noted widely as a Tinder-like app for business networking, a Tinder-like app to find friends, the Tinder-like app for classifieds etc.

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Tinder For Moms :

Peanut – An app designed to bring like-minded mothers together, Peanut is a friendship app which matches mums based on an algorithm combining location, interests, how the user sees themselves as a mom. Peanut, the app referred to as “Tinder for moms” because it connects mothers by letting them swipe each other’s profiles. Mothers can discover new friends and mothers, who are nearer to them. They can have a peaceful chat with their friends connected. Preferable they can have live meetup by using features like poll time and scheduled meetups. It is launching a new community discussion feature called Peanut Pages, it’s meant to give mothers a better alternative to Facebook Groups, Quora and other social platforms. The success has spread its wings around US, UK and Canada.

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