The household industry has been growing rapidly over the past few years. With the advancement of technology, the Uber-Like Handyman app with household applications is entering the market.

Mobile applications have made a simple solution to work the handyman/household services ease to use. The use of mobile apps increases the need for house services.

This is the reason that handyman service startups paved the way to start a business.

We are all there in an age where technology advances in on-demand applications to find the services quickly with an effective solution.

If you are planning to start a Uber Like Handyman Business for household services and looking for ideas to develop the app successfully?

Let’s look into the statistics for the need for different household services.

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Source: LSA

According to LSA, the people search for household services are listed and the need raised for the handyman services.

How To Monetize Using Handyman App

Time is money for every business. An important way to earn money from the handyman app is to set up a fee platform. The users and providers should be charges an affordable price for the services.

User service fee: Being a part of the handyman app community, uber for handyman serves people for a job and earns commission through it.

Service Provider fee: Registered and connected service providers pursue their service by sharing a few percentages of the service fee to the admin.

The revenue method you choose for your handyman app, make sure that it is attractive for your service providers and users. The app will get a high reach if many users are getting used to it. If you have any technical ideas or queries you can contact our sales team. Now it’s time to see the tips for the on-demand handyman app development with core features like Uber.

Tips To Make A Uber-Like Handyman App
Identify The Target Audience

The target audience could be college-goers, rich kids, family guys, business owners, frequent travelers, night owls, nomads, single, etc.

Whomsoever they are, they must be in good numbers, willing, and have collective issues.

Identify a problem common to them

Everyone in the world will have a certain problem. For example, a handyman will have a hard time finding the users. Uber-Like Handyman app will solve the problem for both the users and service providers. Bring out the comprehensive solution for the problem to make your business stand.

Define On-Demand Solution

Every problem has two sides and it is to be seen that both sides of the problem solve. The business owner should provide the solution to both the users and service providers. The features for both the users and service providers should be mentioned properly.

User App Feature
Push Notifications

Push notification is an essential feature of an On-Demand Application. The notification will pop to both the users and service providers after they accept/reject the job.

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Real-Time Tracking

Users can track the motion of the service provider after the booking is confirmed. Users can navigate them through calls or messages along the path if they take a wrong turn.

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Payment System

On-demand service payment is an important feature to make the payment fast, secure, and reliable. Multiple payment modes are available in the handyman app.

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Service Provider App Feature
Accepting or Rejecting Request

The service provider has full authority to accept or reject the job receiving within a given time period.


Earnings for a job can be viewed after the completion of the job. It helps to plan their day to complete the job as a daily target.

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Availability: Service providers can set their flexible working timings on the app. It will work only for the users when scheduling the booking of the services they need.

Schedule Booking:

This feature provides the service provider with the flexibility to work whenever they want. They can select their schedule and start working on that period.

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Admin App

The admin has the access to manage all the processes working in the application. Analytics provides information such as no. of services availed, canceled, and repeated. It also shows which section of the business is doing well and which one is struggling.

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Manage Users:

The admin can manage the details of the handyman’s name, address age, etc..

Make a Uber Like Handyman app successful to reach out to the business with the updated features.

Contact [email protected] or visit the Uber For Handyman App to know more about the features.