There are more business ideas and businesses to start in the modern world. In the pandemic, users need medicines for their illness. But they do not prefer to go shopping, instead they need medicines at their doorsteps for this Pharmacy delivery script is developed. Every business idea comes from the real time unsolvable or a demand based problem.

What pharmacy delivery business?

Pharmacy delivery is the concept of delivering the pharmacy items like medicines to the requested users at their places. Pharmacy delivery business either can be done offline and online.

Issues faced in Offline pharmacy delivery

In Offline pharmacy delivery, Consumers can make orders only if they know contact details of the pharmacy and store-keeper send the medicines to the consumers through the delivery person.

  • Regular consumers only make order
  • Users can make order only they know the details of the pharmacy
  • Store can’t reach the unknown customers
  • Delivering to new consumers, tracking their address is slighter difficult process for driver
  • Consumers do not have the option to compare the store for making the order
  • User can’t track the delivery person current location
  • If the required medicine is not available in that store they can’t go with an alternative

These are issues usually faced by the users, drivers, and stores. Reliability on the offline pharmacy is considered to be high.

Unique in Online pharmacy

Canadian pharmacy Online delivery is the same concept as the offline delivery. User can make an order on the store then the store-keeper accepts the order and shows the availability of products at last driver delivery the product to the user.

  • User can make order at any stores on their region
  • User can know the availability of store’s product
  • Compare the price rate of different pharmacy medicines
  • Driver can track store and user location
  • User can live track driver location
  • Users have the multiple option on payment with secured transactions

Workflow of Script:

  • User search for the medicine at their preferred pharmacy
  • Users places the order and make a payment
  • Store accepts the user’s order, then packs it and provides it to the driver
  • Driver near the store receives the order and accept for delivery
  • Driver deliver the medicine to the requested user location

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