Online Dating has redundant with the same features and the same interface in terms of design and usage. The interface will be based on swiping out the profiles left or right based on the interest and on the other side if the swiping happens then the match is created.

To start a business with the same core features as Tinder it’s a good way of starting a business but an outdated idea. It’s better to give extra features to the Tinder Clone script to make it more customer-friendly.

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The new app ideas for Entrepreneurs to do business is

  • Astrology Based Dating App
  • Match Using Voice Notes
  • Beard Baiting

Astrology Based Dating App:

The astrology based dating application is a new concept of dating with the same Tinder interface based on zodiac signs.

How Is Different From Normal Dating?

The profiles are registered with the complete birth chart of the user. The users can be seen by other users using GPS providing access to their social media profiles like Facebook and Instagram if the user wishes. The users can use a filter option based on the zodiac sign which is required.

According to a recent survey, people are expecting to know more about him/her rather than his zodiac sign matches. An individual explains in detail that if I meet someone on a dating app I don’t look for zodiac signs and their birth chart. Once I get to know people better and start to trust them and move dating to the next level then some of them will look into zodiac signs.

The other individual explains that compatibility will not be at a great rate because many people are seeing only the character, and thinking of suits well or not. The best way to explain is that users can talk about astrology a lot and get to know about the knowledge.

This is a good application for the people who like astrology and want his/her dating partner to be the same. Ultimately dating apps is finding someone with the same interest and having a good time. This astrology app is more specific to users with good expectations.

Match Using Voice Note

The new concept of dating apps will match users with a voice note.

What is the reason behind this idea?

Communication with someone is to share the information with the known people.

Communicating through messages is a normal way in dating apps and it’s partly efficient to express the feeling but with the voice note, the user can send an audio message to the user to express it better. The whole user experience will be changed because the user will send an audio to the user who wants to get matched.

Beard Baiting

Beard Baiting is one of the latest trends of dating and a key to get more matches. Many youths are ready to grow a beard in high intensity and post it to social media to create a vibe.

Women liking men with beards rather than without beards. This is the new business method for the Entrepreneur to do better in the dating business and with swiping features.

These are the new dating app ideas for Entrepreneurs to improve their sales graph with a new interface and user experience.

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