Fancy – one of the successful companies in the eCommerce business, was founded in the United States. It is unique in features and its designs are exclusive in Fancy, The listing products can be shared on social media and engage the users in social-oriented shopping. Their ”Fashion” categories of products are unique from one another.

Revenue Of Fancy

They have customized their products into 16 categories and have 8 million unique users. In 2019, they have reached $3 million every month, and the yearly net sale is over $11.2 million. They assume that merchants add their items by own and ought to get famous among clients.

SpiffyFancy Clone Script is an effective application for eCommerce business, with unique features and extra designs like Fancy. This script has enlightening features like Admin and Merchant user-friendly panels, Multiple Vendors can add their products, and social media sharing.

To start-up, your online business in eCommerce with trendy features and easy customization in all sorts of services. The day to day growth of eCommerce was high and huge profits were taken by the business people. Spiffy is the right choice for an Entrepreneur to become a business model of eCommerce.

Perks Of Spiffy

Multiple Login & Signup

Multiple users can log-in and signup through their social media accounts, admin has a specific id and password, and user-friendly dashboards.

Unique Features Like Fancy

Spiffy has unique features and extra designs like Fancy. It is easy to start-up an eCommerce business with our clone script.

Multi-Vendor Script

Multiple merchants can add their products for listing on their own, with the use of a multi-vendor platform vast amounts of products can be sold by merchants.

Advanced Search And Filter

The buyers search for their needed products. They can use the search option and the filter option is used to filter out the products based on their size, name, categories.

Follow Seller/Users/Stores

Users and Merchants can follow the seller, buyers, and their favorite stores for the current updates of new listing products.

User-Friendly Merchant Panel

Merchants can add and delete their new or existing product without any hassle and their listings of products, order details, sales details can be viewed by merchants.

Social Media Sharing

One of the perks of Spiffy, social media is the platform where a larger community of people connect. The products can be shared on social media platforms to reach more popularity.

Our Unique Abilities

Trioangle Technologies, gives you the advanced features in our Fancy Clone. It is a wonderful opportunity for business people to startup an E-commerce business to become successful entrepreneurs. We help in the development of our client’s business by adding new features and feature updates.

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