There is no doubt that the covid-19 epidemic has significantly increased the popularity of smartphone apps. This pandemic’s main beneficial effect was to increase the value of digital solutions. 

Particularly in these trying times when individuals are cooped up in their houses with no social activities, on-demand service apps have established themselves as a constant companion. We have only been able to avoid the psychological harm of self-isolation because of it. Although it has been possible to shop online for years, the need for on-demand delivery has increased recently.

Most sectors of the economy, including those in the fashion, entertainment, manufacturing, and hyperlocal marketplaces, are investing in on-demand delivery apps to maintain the supply of goods and services.

A handyman is one of the booming applications currently. In this article, the cost-effect of the handyman software development is discussed. 

Before getting into the cost structure, let’s see its popularity, features, and reason.

Why Are On-Demand Handyman Service Apps Becoming Popular?

It is impossible to overlook the fact that the covid-19 epidemic has increased demand for smartphone apps. This epidemic did boost the significance of digital solutions, which is the one positive outcome.

Applications for on-demand services have proven to be essential during the pandemic times when people are holed up in their homes and partake in no social activity. We haven’t been able to survive the torture of self-psychological isolation without it.

Although online shopping has been available for decades, the desire for handyman on-demand has increased in recent months. To sustain delivering items and services, most industries, including fashion, entertainment, manufacturing, and hyper-local marketplaces, are engaging in on-demand delivery apps.

Why Should You Invest in an On-Demand Home Service Application?

With the advent of the Internet, the pace of digitalization has accelerated, making it more challenging for businesses to survive. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that on-demand handyman services applications are the next big thing for businesses given how busy people’s lives are becoming and how much of a demand there is for simple-to-access services at home.

Uber is a prime example of a business that has benefited from this business model by placing the right people in the appropriate roles. Previously seen as a luxury, on-demand home services are now seen as necessary in many regions of the world.

Let’s look at the features that determine the cost-effect of handyman business software.

What Are the Must-Have Features of an Ideal Handyman Application?

When creating on-demand handyman applications, our experts have created a list of crucial characteristics that are required.

Easy Access to Services

Finding a handyman in your region is a smart move because customers always want things done quickly. Customers won’t have to wait long to get a handyman in their region because of the GPS integration. On the other hand, no service provider enjoys making long trips to complete work.

Variety of Payment Options

You must offer a range of payment options because you are developing an Uber for handyman application. Since online payment methods are more convenient, customers will favor them. The situation has changed as people use digital payments more frequently.

As a result, using digital payments must now be done rather than being a choice. Additionally, the most recent encryption technology must be used to completely protect the payment system.

Transparent Prices

Make sure the pricing structure of your handyman pricing software is obvious to users because they do not want to utilize an app with hidden costs. Your app must contain all costs, including service fees, pricing lists, and other costs. It is best if you take into account every aspect of the company and carefully analyze the client’s requirements.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App Like Handyman?

Since an app hasn’t been fully developed yet, it would be challenging to pinpoint all the factors that influence costs. On the other hand, a rough estimate of Mobile Application Development Services is always helpful. The following are the most crucial elements that all mobile app companies follow application’s overall cost: Mobile application design and platform of choice.

It will cost between 5k and $25k to develop an on-demand handyman app with all of the capabilities described above. However, this is merely an estimate due to the platform used, the design process, and many other factors.

Furthermore, whether deployed on native ecosystems like Android or iOS, the entire cost of developing the on-demand service provider app would be significantly higher.

Furthermore, using a cross-platform mobile application development framework like Flutter or Reactive Native for Mobile App Development Services reduces costs dramatically. The UX design is yet another component that contributes to the overall cost; the more complex, fluid, and inventive the design, the higher the cost.

So far, we have seen the cost effective in the overall view. Now let’s see how factors affect cost-effect when developing a handyman services app. 


The most important factor to look at is features. The cost may go over your budget if you want advanced features. When you are choosing features, remember to pick the correct features that are apt to your handyman services app, and choosing features must be under your budget. 

Types of App

Businesses majorly use these three platforms- native apps, cross apps, and progressive web apps. Each takes a different budget. Cross-platform app development costs may take around $20,000-35,000, Native apps take 50$, to 100,000$, and progressive web apps need 10,000-20,000.

The cost-effectiveness that is discussed above may vary based on your choices. so


A smartphone application service comparable to Handyman is currently a very profitable business concept. Launching an app that connects consumers to service providers is a beautiful idea, especially given the growing need for on-demand services and users’ desire for instant access to answers. If you want to pursue your dream of becoming an entrepreneur through an app, this could be your best chance of success.

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