Before technology, the seller faced difficulties in connecting with the buyer. Everything has been changed when technology begins to grooming, this brings the easiest way to reach the users. There are a number of classified software worldwide for the users to buy or sell the products using the mobile platform.

Statista shows that by the end of 2021, the online classified market will reach a revenue of US $27,23,991 million. It’s expected to grow at the rate of 6.19% by 2025. The size of the US market will grow up to $34,77,296 million.

Smartphones are one of the advanced technologies, it brings tremendous changes in all the user’s lifestyle. Using smartphones, users can shop anything online, even used products.

Now, it is easy for sellers to acquire users from any part of the world just by sitting at home. Sometimes nearby used products are more worthy than the new ones from long-distance.

Letgo app allows the users to sell the products online in a particular area quickly and easily. Sellers can use the service easily by register/sign-in in via the Phone number, email id, or social logins and make multiple listings for free to sell the products. Entrepreneurs can start a business instantly like letgo with the ready-made Letgo clone script.

Revenue Factors

  • Admin earns commission from both the buyers and sellers for every successful delivery of the product.
  • If sellers need to boost their listing on top of the result page for occurring more impressions, then they have to pay the admin using the ‘Featured Ads’ option in the online classified script. Multiple levels of payment options are available for them.
  • Admin creates a Google Adsense Account and allows the advertisement on their website and mobile app empty space to earn more money.

Top-Notch Features

  • Buy Now Option – Users can purchase their beloved products instantly with this option.
  • Filter Option – Users can sort out the required listing by applying filter options like price, distance, and sort by. It helps the buyers to search for products with more relevance.
  • Payment Option – Users can make the payment online with secured payment methods like Paypal or Stripe. Admin needs to add the crypto wallet payment method, customization available.
  • Chat Option – Buyers can contact the seller directly without entering into their listing in the letgo clone app and also they can view their previous listing.
  • Dynamic Option – Now admin can change the theme of the website by themselves without the technical team support.

Trioangle is a web and mobile application development company with a team of young and talented developers. Provides the ready-made letgo clone script for entrepreneurs at an affordable price to start their own classified business instantly.

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