Businesses on the rental platform have been growing enormously. Many small firms are using this digital platform effectively, and satisfy the demand with impeccable services.  To balance the demand and supply chain the platform welcomes a lot more small firms in. 

Airbnb is one such firm who has entered the rental platform a decade back. They are a more successful business model also inspirational to many.

If you wish to follow the paths of Airbnb, then just tap on topmost Airbnb clone on market.

Customizable Airbnb Clone Script:

Airbnb Clone is an application software to start a business on vacation rentals. An Airbnb clone resembles similar to Airbnb with its designs and core features. Many features such clone script because they are easily customizable, quick to launch, cost-effective, saves more energy, etc.

Makent is one such Airbnb clone script, which has helped much more business visionaries to start a business, earn more and excel in it. Have a look at it,

As said before business owners can start a business quickly with Airbnb clone, with business strategies one can excel. But how to earn more? 

Earn More With Customizable Airbnb Clone Script:

Yes, you can earn more bucks with Airbnb clone. Airbnb works as a commission model. Similarly, Airbnb clone also works as by interfacing guest and host. Through this service business owners can earn a commission. Let’s see details,

Property Listing Fee For Host:

In an Airbnb clone script, the host can list the “n” number of properties. For each listing, admin charges some amount from the host. Or else business owners can customize the product as listing subscription module. Here host can list the property and charge as per the preferred subscriptions and enjoy the facilities available.

Commission Fee From Hosts:

Every time, when the guest chooses and books the host’s property for rental and completes the process by making payment. Airbnb clone acquires its share as a commission amount. For example: If the guest finds the desired rental property and pay for it by booking, the software takes 10% of the amount as payment.

Service Fee From Guest:

Airbnb adds its revenue amount with service fee charged to make stay in the rented area. For example, A guest books a property and makes a stay in the rented area. This service is charged by the software for 3% as a service fee.

Additionally, downloading of the app, usage of the app/software will be another attribute in admin earning.

Earn Through Ads:

Business Owners can earn through ads. A best Airbnb clone script allows a host to make their list as featured or sponsored listing through ads. 

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