Vocabularies are not enough to share the reach of technology to the globe people. As well as the businesses growing digitally, the evolvement of software development companies is provoking in a sky-rocket manner. Reviews or Certifications are the two major terms that matter a lot.

Nearly 68% of the world’s entrepreneurs highly rely on software developments for their business outreach to the globe people in the present and forthcoming days. And it is assured, that within the next 10 years, 96% of the world’s businesses should involved in online functionalities when the world moves smartly with the digital mode. 

With this, due to the multiple options available in the market, many entrepreneurs are toiling hard to find the best software development partner to complete their dream business plan. 

Yes, it is the most significant part that will decide the business’s success, and quality and ultimately it is going to be the bottom line of a startup. 

Hence, business people are often looking for two parts to evaluate the potential of the software development firm. 

One is social proof (testimonials or references from other satisfied clients), and the other is Authority from the certified recognitions. Psychologically, entrepreneurs believe in these things to screen the software companies, which are considered as initial filters. 

This article will guide you to an informed decision in picking the right software development partner. 

ISO Certifications: A Mark Of Quality For A Software Development Company

Before delving into the part of importance, either Certifications or Reviews, let’s understand both typically. 

The International Organization For Standardization (ISO) is a globally recognized quality mark and standards adherence for running a qualified business. 

It is the core one for a Software development firm to value the products and services that are of high quality. This certification affirms the company’s commitment to the industry and the services to be qualified in meeting the specific industry standards. 

For software development companies, ISO certifications will increase the trust of business people and make them feel they are collaborating with a technically qualified team. Also, it gives an enhanced credibility. 

In the case of software creation, ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 are the two important certifications that hold all the quality standards. 

Quality Unveiled: ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9001 certification of a firm defines that they are focusing highly on quality management software. It represents that the company is servicing a transparent and systematic approach to its customers. Their software is eminently reliable and meets the customer requirements with continuous improvement. 

This certification implies that the software project beyond the company has greater consistency in giving steadfast production with an aligned delivery schedule which furnishes greater brand protection.  

With these immense qualities, a software company can showcase that they are a progressing approvingly registered firm that undergoes all the statutory and regulatory conditions of ISO standards. 

Securing Excellence: Certification Of ISO 27001

ISO 27001 reflects the company’s attitude toward the enhanced data protection of the customers. Meaningly, this certification pertains to information security management systems. 

Ergo, it is considered a crucial certification for the software companies that deal with all the sensitive data of the clients. It is a clear testament to their commitment to protecting client information in a highly secure manner. 

Moreover, ISO 27001 is an official attestation from the organization that the software company is progressing with enhanced risk management and optimum security.  This means the firm is enduring the customer records, their speculative property, and financial records securely from digital thefts, loss, or damage by enhanced scrutinization. 

With these certified companies, you could easily get the KISS metrics in the software projects, such as, 

  • Consistent workflow in delivering expected results
  • Rigorous quality control and testing procedures. 
  • Leading higher project creation satisfaction

Now, you can understand the importance of choosing an ISO-certified software development company that assures the quality, security, and confidentiality of its services in a legal manner. 


The next section that business people could go through to pick the right tech partner is Reviews, which we can say is “Crowd Approval”. 

A worthy review from the authorized client will surely demonstrate the company’s reputation and trustworthiness. 

But not only a Google or Trustpilot general review would guide the prominence of a company. An Entrepreneur must undergo all types of approval before ensuring to contract a software project. 

Let’s look into some of the types of Public Endorsements. 

Client Testimonials

It is the positive feedback about the company from the satisfied clients the company serves. This will showcase the true credibility of a company, and its ability to deliver on customer promises. Surely the client testimonials with the live business project would show the company’s individuality and its service procedures in a trusted way. 

Because no company would force their clients to share the positive review about their concerns. So, filtering software providers with dynamic client testimonials will help you more in making the right business collaboration. 

Case Studies

Explore detailed case studies of the software concerns that highlight their successful projects. This impacts the client’s business and demonstrates expertise and achievements. 

To say clearly, case studies will address the company’s challenges while bearing the project development, explanations, and successful outcomes. This is a detailed narration of problem-solution which typically describes the technologies, methodologies, and strategies they used. 

Awards And Recognition

Awards and recognition like “Best Software Development Company” or “Top Innovator” is one filter parameter used in verifying the right software solution provider. This will assure the business people in partnering with the firm that possesses an external validation for its work. 

Portfolio And Work Samples

Before making an agreement with the software provider, business people should look at the portfolio and work samples of that company. It will show the company’s capability with past success, along with the real-time application solutions. 

A work sample of a software provider will surely demonstrate how they provide the expected solution to their previous customers. 

Like the above, exploring the crowd reviews from various streams will help entrepreneurs in selecting a trustworthy software development company. Each and every progression in collecting public testimonials could help in validating the company’s expertise and capabilities. 

With these, two brief studies, let’s ready to analyze which is the crucial aspect to choose a software development company. 

Reviews: What To Look For In Finding A Tech Partner?

When it comes to the comparison between the certification and reviews, industry people should be involved in the business insight to apprehend enhanced knowledge. 

While exploring all those factors, found that we cannot find the balance part here. 

Though a business person could dig into crowd approval, the real scale of a company would not deliberate solely with the reviews.

Because we cannot address the reviews on websites like Google, Trustpilots, or any complaint boards that are actually pinned from the potential clients of that concern. 

According to multiple surveys from the reputed concerns, the reviews are sometimes transpiring in a fake or fraudulent manner, which disputes the reputation of many software solution providers. 

Let’s discuss this immense part intensely. 

Fake Reviews Impact On The Reputation Of A Certified Concern

The consequences of a misleading review will pose multiple issues to the reputed concern in dynamic ways. 

Let’s know how fake reviews are playing with loss consequences in the potential software firm and the client’s business plans. 

Sometimes, even software competitors engage in deceptive practices by posting fake reviews from multiple accounts to spoil the reputation of rival software companies. While considering, these meteors it is ultimately doubtful to follow the review-based opinion for a software concern. 

These fake approvals can cause severe values to the qualified software providers, which impacts their reputation badly on the market. 

You can question me, how fake reviews can be accepted by potential business people. 

It happens easily, by the communal tone of the legitimate thoughts and the trustworthiness of the platform they published on, which could be like the tears of real clients.  

If the negative reviews from unauthorized sources seem believable to clients, it could cause a good software company to lose potential business. This might make people question the trustworthiness of online reviews. So, it’s essential to look at different types of approval from the crowd, as we talked about.

Why Go With an ISO-certified Software Development Company?

When it comes to selecting the ISO-certified Software provider, it is truly recognized by the certified standard organization. Because certifications would only be awarded to a company with proper analysis. This involves various key steps to recognize them as qualified and secured ones. 

To acquire an ISO certification a software company should undergo multiple internal audits and testing. Despite this, any ISO-certified software concern should renew its certification twice a year, in scheduled intervals of 6 months. 

With this, the company should experience many corrective actions in their actual progress. In the cases of non-conformities identified during the audit, the addressed issues should be rectified completely to renew their ISO certifications. 

Along with this, surveillance audits are also conducted regularly by the certification to ensure the software firms’ worthiness in maintaining the ISO standards. 

Hence, it’s established that a software company with ISO certification consistently adheres to the specific standards and guidelines to meet the expectations of business clients.


The success of your business in a current scenario lies when you have a trustworthy app development partner. Making decisions based on metrics like certifications or reviews surely makes you a successful owner in the online industry. 

Discussion regarding certifications, reviews, and their impact presented in this blog clear up your decision-making process. In real-time, reviews may differ between good and bad. Sometimes bad reviews for certified companies disrupt the reputation and lead to confusion in selection. 

Making a decision based on standards of quality management (ISO:9001) and security excellence (ISO:27001) is the right action for you. As per this requirement, Trioangle Technologies acquires such certifications and proves excellence in the solutions they offer. 

Let’s Embark on a fruitful business collaboration with Trioangle, a well-established player in software development. Elevate your startup journey by prioritizing quality and adhering to robust security standards.