Letgo is an online classified platform in which the registered users can buy, sell or exchange the used goods like furniture, cars, musical instruments, electronics, and more to other users. Users can list the new or used items without any fee, also they can buy or sell anything with the letgo.

What Is PassUp?

Passup is one of the best Letgo clone scripts, which is designed with advanced technology and all the essential & core features of the Letgo are integrated with the script. For entrepreneurs who want to begin an online classified script then our Letgo clone is the best Solution & perfectly suitable for their business.

The Workflow of a Partner in the script?

The process of Online classified script is quick and easy for the users and admin involved: Users have to register the account with their email id or social media accounts; Registered Users sign-up initially then take a picture & list their item for sale; set the price and describe the product. Users interested to buy similar products can search and chat with the seller via the app arranging the terms of the sale. If the users are convenient with the price and quality of the product then they made the purchase. The seller sends the item to the buyer’s preferred location.

Revenue Factor of PassUp:

  • Admin Commission:

For every successful transaction of goods from the buyer to seller, the admin receives the service fee from the both as some percentage of the total cost. Admin can set the percentage according to their preference either they can set service fee for both or for the seller.

  • Featured Ads

If the users want their listing to be at the top of the search in the letgo clone app, they can use the featured ads as an hourly-based upgrade like 2x, 3x, or 6x. This amount is generated from the user(Seller) who wants to promote their listing.

  • Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a tool that delivers the ads served by Google Ads to your site in empty spaces. This is default integrated with our letgo clone app and admin create Google Adsense account then earn additional revenue for running ads on your site.

Why Trioangle?

Trioangle is a team of experienced web and mobile app developers providing you with online classified software for entrepreneurs to start their business instantly. Along with the script we provide free technical support, free server installation, free bug support, free app submission, free white labeling, etc. Our script supports both the desktop and mobile(Android & iOS).

This is the correct time to start your Letgo clone script and be a successful entrepreneur in 2021. For more information contact us at Mail id – [email protected], Whatsapp: 6379630152 or visit our website – https://www.trioangle.com/letgo-clone/