First of all, you need to understand the gap between traditional and modern delivery methods. In traditional mode, customers need to spend extra time shopping for items apart from busy work which makes them tired.  Whereas in modern mode, you can easily order any item from anywhere or even in comfortable places. 

All these make you invest in a postmates clone app. Prior to investing, make sure your Postmates clone includes these features. 

  1. Increase customer base via social login
  2. Comfort your customers via delivery partners
  3. Scaleup your delivery business
  4. Save your audience’s time via filter option
  5. Handle multiple orders at mean time

Increase customer base via social login:

By increasing customer base, you can multiply your profits from delivery services. But how to increase? For this solution, you need to add a simplified social login or signup option. By adding these options, you can get high social media fame to your delivery business.

This social media fame helps you to get targeted audiences and also able to get brand awareness for your platform like postmates clone.

Comfort your customers via delivery partners:

Customers need to be comfortable with your delivery services, so that they can stay for the long run. To feel comfortable, you need to help your customers to track their ordered items from your delivery services. How to help? By integrating GPS tracking technology in your app, they are able to see the estimated delivery time and location of delivery partners.

Also, delivery partners find the shortest path to deliver the ordered items to the customer’s doorstep within a quick time frame.

Scaleup your delivery business:

If you need to scale up your delivery business, then adding multi currency and multi language is the best choice for you.  Using this, you can expand your delivery business to international level and also be able to handle multiple country people. 

Expanding the delivery business makes you get more orders and good exposure among customers.

Save your audience’s time via filter option:

Customers are always eager and spending more time searching for their favourite items from your delivery services. How can you solve this problem? To save your audience’s time, you need to offer a filter option in your app to filter out their searched items.

Handle multiple orders at mean time:

Handling multiple orders using the same delivery partners can increase your profits. But how to make it possible? Using Single pickup multiple delivery option, delivery partners are able to pick up the many orders at the nearest location and deliver to the customer’s doorstep. So that delivery partners and you can get benefits from it.

Wrapping Up:

No doubt developing a postmates clone will make your delivery business successful. Further, you need to tie up the best app development company to build such one. If you are interested in developing, then feel free to ping us below.

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