What is a Gojek Clone? Why Is It Essential for Online Services?

Gojek clone represents a comprehensive on-demand multi-service app solution, revolutionizing the digital service industry with its stunning 120+ services. It offers a robust framework and an array of features, enabling the development of a versatile app capable of providing a wide spectrum of on-demand services to users.

Trioangle provides a 100% Gojek Clone Source Code to integrate all-in-one services uniquely. The services getting transformation via our splendid Gojek App clone are ride-hailing, food delivery, grocery delivery, package delivery and many services. Make all your services easily accessible with our app.

Our Benefits

Free Features Unleashed with Our Gojek Clone App

Make Your Multi-Service Business Profits In Millions With A Scalable Gojek Clone Solution


Smart SignUp

In Gojek Clone, Users can register their account via multi-ways like google, Facebook, and Apple login. This easy signup option offers valid support to create a service community.


Business Type

Showcase of the list of businesses in one window makes the customers go through them clearly. This acts as the base for smart business selection in our Gojek clone.


Service Sub-Categories

Upon selecting a major category, the sub-category of services is immediately shown. This provides all the details of the service subcategory immediately in our Multi services app.


Pick Favorite One

Based on customer requirements, they choose the favorite or needed service at first. This also provides the depth details like hot players, top-rank food lists, etc in one window.


Book Service

After go-through all the services, customers now navigated to the booking page where they provide the valid details like when or where they will require, etc.


Age Validation

Gojek Clone uses the app opens up in order to validate whether the users are above age 18. This ensures safe app usage.


Promo-Code Management

The admin provides promo-code-based purchases or offers in order to engage a huge range of customers. This will increase revenue value.


Provider Business Type

Providers can easily select the option from the pool of services, delivery, and deliveryall based on the service providers. This instant selection brings convenience to the service providers.


DeliveryAll Categories

Upon selecting the deliveryall, this window describes the variations of delivery like food, grocery, alcohol, and pharmacy, etc. This raises the alerts to concerned people


Delivery Management

This option allows the delivery partners to manage their delivery trips in a digital way. Include delivery management to manage and monitor routes, price details, and vehicle size.


SOS Contacts

During an emergency situation, this option allows the people to add the contact of friends or family members to generate the alerts.


Manual Booking

In case of any manual delivery vehicle booking, this option allows the delivery partner to book a call to the admin for getting instant services.


Profile Management

Gojek Clone has a dedicated option in this app that allows the users to set the details like name, email, contact details, image, etc in order to custom needs easily.


Referral Management

This option allows the users to send the invite code to bring new referrals to the app. With this recommending option, the user base gets ramping.


Set Availability

This option allows the delivery partner or service provider to prefer the feasible time slot for work and proceed with the work schedule without any collapse.


Multi - Vehicle Option

This option allows the service providers to show the vehicles in the ranges of car, bike based on customer needs. Further, this helps service providers to offer all-range services in a custom manner.

All-In-One Feature List Of Gojek Clone App

Exceptional Features Of Our Gojek Clone Solution

Live Superior Multi-Service Business Model With Our Standardized Gojek Clone Script

Super Fast Requests


Trip History


Cancel Option


Accurate Location Fetching


Earnings Report


Exact Location Calculation


Fare Breakup


Multiple Service Category


Service Provider Availablity


Easy To Customize


Round Clock Service


Multiple Car Category




Gender Preference


provider Online / Offline Status


Child Seat Accessibility


Handicap Seat Accessibility


Store Status


Item Management


Offers Management


Provider Document Verification


SEO Friendly


Delivery Information


KM and Miles - Update


Store Tab View


Sunmi Printer ubereats-clone

Home Page New Design


Heat map


Ride sharing


Covid Features


Night/Peak time pricing


Service biding

ubereats-clone New
Gojek Clone Business Types

Get Your On-Demand Multi Services App In One Solution

Widen Your Potential Consumers By Our Gojek Clone Solution

handyman-script Food Delivery

Order your favorite meals from nearby restaurants and deliver them to your doorstep.

handyman-script Grocery Delivery

Order groceries from nearby stores and have them delivered to your doorstep immediately.

handyman-script Pharmacy Delivery

Order prescription medications and health essentials from nearby pharmacies and get them delivered promptly.

handyman-script Alcohol Delivery

Enjoy the convenience of ordering alcohol and beverages from nearby stores, with quick and immediate delivery.

handyman-script Package Delivery

Send and receive packages with ease. Schedule package deliveries from nearby locations for a seamless and efficient service.

handyman-script Marijuana Delivery

Order cannabis products from local dispensaries and get them delivered discreetly and promptly.

handyman-script Common Deliveries

From everyday essentials to special requests, order all your common delivery needs efficiently.

handyman-script More Deliveries

Explore a variety of delivery services beyond the ordinary delivery services.

Single Delivery Single Delivery

Get delivered anything to anyone within your city, whether it's food, groceries, packages, or more.

Multiple Delivery Multiple Delivery

Send multiple parcels to different recipients in the same city area with the Multiple Delivery feature.

If you’re interested in expanding your on-demand delivery services, feel free to let us know. We’re open to discussions!

handyman-script Car Ride

Book a comfortable car ride for your travels, ensuring a smooth and convenient journey to your destination.

handyman-script Auto Ride

Opt for an auto ride for a quick and efficient mode of transportation, reaching your destination with ease.

handyman-script Moto Ride

Experience the thrill of a bike ride by booking a moto ride, providing a swift and agile transport option for your commute.

Uber like Taxi Uber like Taxi

Experience a taxi module mirroring Uber's functionality. Users can book various taxi types, including Sedan, Hatchback, Limo, and more.

Uber like Pool Uber like Pool

The Pool feature enables riders to book shared rides. Commuters heading in the same direction on identical routes can share a taxi. This maximizes savings for riders and increases your commission as the app owner.

  • handyman-script Babysitting
  • handyman-script Beauty Services
  • handyman-script Car Wash
  • handyman-script Doctors
  • handyman-script Electricians
  • handyman-script Home Cleaning
  • handyman-script Pest Control
  • handyman-script Plumbers
  • handyman-script Maids
  • handyman-script Tutors
  • handyman-script Laundry
  • handyman-script Barber
  • handyman-script Car Repair
  • handyman-script Carpenter
  • handyman-script Carpet Repairs
  • handyman-script Catering
  • handyman-script Computer Repair
  • handyman-script Cuddling
  • handyman-script DJ
  • handyman-script Dog Grooming
  • handyman-script Dog Walking
  • handyman-script Firefighters
  • handyman-script Fitness Coach
  • handyman-script Helpers
  • handyman-script Home Painting
  • handyman-script Insurance Agent
  • handyman-script Interior Decorators
  • handyman-script Lawn Care
  • handyman-script Lawn Mowing
  • handyman-script Lawyers
  • handyman-script Locksmith
  • handyman-script Massage
  • handyman-script Mechanic
  • handyman-script Mobile Technician
  • handyman-script Office Cleaning
  • handyman-script Party Cleaning
  • handyman-script Private Language Tutor
  • handyman-script Psychologists
  • handyman-script Road Assistance
  • handyman-script Security Guard
  • handyman-script Snow Plows
  • handyman-script Sofa Repair
  • handyman-script Spa
  • handyman-script Tour Guide
  • handyman-script Tow Truck
  • handyman-script Physiotherapy services
  • handyman-script Translator
  • handyman-script Travel Agent
  • handyman-script TV Repair
  • handyman-script Vet
  • handyman-script Workers
  • handyman-script Yoga Trainer
  • handyman-script Accounting & Tax Advice
  • handyman-script Architect
  • handyman-script Chef
  • handyman-script Costume Designer
  • handyman-script Entertainer
  • handyman-script Event Organizer
  • handyman-script Gardener
  • handyman-script Martial ArtsInstructor
  • handyman-script Personal Coach

If you want to broaden your on-demand services, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re open to discussions and eager to explore new possibilities!

handyman-script Grocery Delivery

Order groceries from nearby stores and have them delivered to your doorstep immediately.

handyman-script Laundry

Connect with a local laundry service provider and get your clothes cleaned and get them delivered to your doorstep.

Uber for Tow Uber for Tow

Swiftly get assistance for towing your vehicle with ease and efficiency, especially in emergencies, wherever you are.

Car Wash Services Car Wash Services

Schedule professional car wash services that come directly to your location, making it convenient for you.

How We Unique?

Why Gojek Clone Is Best?

Super-size Gojek Clone Solution to Offer wide-Range of Services



The size of the online services varies. You can customize the Gojek clone app as per the size of the players and services involved in the market.


Latest Techie Trends

The trends that are governing online services are more and it is essential to meet these trends. Our Gojek clone app is designed with such essential technologies.


24*7 Support

Anytime support is the main reason why the Gojek clone is defined as the best one. Offering splendid support at any time will allow uninterrupted services.


Advanced UX/UI

Be an eye-catching service provider with advanced UX and UI designs and an eye-catching nature. Turn your app into an advanced one with our eye-catching designs.


White-Label App Solution

Transform the online service industry with a feature-rich online white-label app solution. Be an extreme service provider with a white-label online solution.


Digital Payment Gateways

The payment gateways are digital and these yield speedy transactions. This transaction transforms online services into easily accessible ones.

Aware of Top Tricks to Lead

On-demand Multiservice Industry

Aware of the Essential Tricks to Stay Ahead in Service Industry

Gojek Clone
Our Revenue Benefits

How to Monetize Via Gojek Clone App?

Ways of Gojek Clone to Make Your Earnings As Speedy One

Premium Charges

Premium Charges

Customers have wide choices in selecting services or products with all essential features. Avail the premium version of the app via the premium membership turning the model as successful.

In-App Promotions

In-App Promotions

Allowing the promotions of the service offering or the products from others is one of the revenue streams for a service provider. A fee assigned for this promotion is the highlighted monetization tactic.

Subscription Fee

Subscription Fee

Providing the premium subscription weekly and monthly is also one of the monetization streams. The freemium business model designed with the premium subscription charges turns the online service into revenue generating one.

Cancellation Charge

Cancellation Charge

Among various revenue making streams, cancellation fees assigned to clients and the drivers are the peculiar stream for you. Following this way, the users are less likely to change reservations. The cancellation rate will drop and the app-s dependency will increase.

Fee to Late Night Service Requests

Fee to Late Night Service Requests

Users can plan or schedule their service when the need arises. This is in the early morning or late night. For example, if the user requests this kind of service, then the “extra fee” is calculated and this increases the overall revenue.

Featured Service Listings

Featured Service Listings

To make your service as familiar and the visibility, featured service listings are the special ones. The fee is calculated for the featured listings as one of the revenue streams. This featured list has the chance to expand revenue making capabilities.

iWatch BenefitsNew

iWatch Features in Gojek Clone

Multi Services With Our Best Gojek Clone in IWatch


Page

In Gojek Clone, This Page Notifies The Users To Register Or Sign In To The App From IWatch. With This, The User Feels Comfortable To Enter Into The App And Explore What Services Are Offered.


Log-In Screen

After logging in to the Gojek Clone App, two simple popups are alerted to get permission for accessing the location and the instances like once, while using, and deny.


Payment Selection

This takes you to payment options like cash, PayPal, and Card Payment and requests you to select one among them. Also, you can allow or decline for adding cards via IPhone.


Car Selection

In Gojek Clone, You Have The Direct Selection Options For The Cars. You Can View The Popups Consequently Through Seat Selection And The Availability Of The Nearby Cabs.


Trip Request

After cab and seat selection are over, you can request the trip now. This page shows the transmission of requests with the request now button. This initiates a trip.


Trip Request Approval

If the taxi is available, then the corresponding driver accepts your request. The acceptance message contains the details of the driver's name, mobile, and ETA details.


Driver Arrival

This window brings the visual form of drivers' trip status to the riders clearly. After every location crosses, the rider can visualize the trip status clearly.


Start Trip

After the arrival of drivers at the rider's place and the initiation process, the trip gets started. This screen displays the message related to the start of the trip.


Trip Completion Alert

There is a popup alert on your iWatch that shows the status of the trip. If the trip is completed, then this turns you to get ready for payment for the trip.


Rating & Review

After completion of the trip in Gojek Clone, riders are requested to host a review of the trips. This may bring new riders on board easily.

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Our Mobile App

Explore Our Mobile App Screens & Inclusive

Get Ready to View Goferjek Mobile App

Experience Our Goferjek App workflow

To meet a wide range of customer demands, our GoferJek app is available on Android and iOS platforms. Get a handy experience on our app and discover its complete workflow.

Our Offerings

What Do We Offer?

Eye-Catchy Interfaces to Make Your All-in-One Services Smart


Right from service booking to the final payment, the special interfaces for the users make them to control all the services on a smart scale.

Service Provider(Android/iOS)

Listing to final payment collection, the service provider feels the convenience of showcasing services and getting the appointments from the user instantly.

Store Owner(Android/iOS/Web)

The dedicated panel for store owners in Android, iOS, and web platforms allows the store owners to view, monitor, and efficiently manage the orders.

Company Web Panel

The web panel for the company allows the company owners to track the service bookings and their status completely. Within a single dashboard, they can manage easily.

Admin Web Panel

The web panel for the Admin allows them to manage and control all the services in a single window. Get A feature-rich Admin panel to streamline services.

Uniqueness We Are

Technical Provinces We Stand Out

Tech-Ahead Solutions

Shared Web Hosting

Shared Web Hosting

An ideal choice for any website owner to host the website on the servers. Single server shared web hosting from Trioangle makes you risk-free hosting without any technical requirements.


Crypto-Wallet Integration:

In Gojek Clone, We provide additional payment integration to send and receive the money through crypto wallet. Adding crypto-wallet is done with extra cost.

Extra Addons

Addons (Web)

Add-ons Waiting Here to Take-Off Your Revenue and Service Bookings


Arabic Language - RTL

We Have Language Translations For Arabic From Right To Left.


Multiple language

We provide 5 languages in Gojek Clone


Multiple Currency

We provide 31 currencies in Gojek Clone


Phone Number Verification

Twilio technology is used in Gojek Clone for verifications.


Gender Preference

For security reasons, female riders can choose female drivers while booking the ride.

Global Recognition Drives Us

Won High-Ratings

Achieve High-Rating & Good Recognition Responding to Our Timely Efforts

Trustpilot Ratings 4.5
Sitejabber Values 4.4
Google Review 4.2

Listen to our clients

People Loves Us

Google Review


What We Do

By the Number

Proven Track Record of Our Limitless Achievements.

250 +

happy clients

350 +

completed projects

60 +

countries we reached

100 +

team size

Our Pricing Plans

Pricing Plan For Gojek Clone Script

A Cost-Effective Gojek App Clone to Uplift All-In-One Services

Startup Plan


Can Able To Use It In Single Domain/Server With Both iOS & Android Application


Contact Us


Can Able To Use It In Multiple Domain/Server With Android Application


Contact Us

Professional Plus

Can Able To Use It In Multiple Domain/Server With iOS Application


Contact Us
Our Specifications

Specifications Provided In Our Gojek Clone

A Detailed View of Specifications of All Interfaces of Our Gojek App Clone

Specifications Startup Plan Professional Professional Plus Enterprise Plus
Native iOS Service Provider App
Native iOS User App
Native Android Service Provider App
Native Android User App
Company Management Web Panel (Admin Panel)
Manual Booking Dispatcher Panel (Admin Panel)
Administrator Panel
100% Source Code - Easily Customisable
Free Server Installation
iOS Apps submission/Installation to iTunes Store
Android Apps submission/Installation to Google App Store
Skype Support
Team Viewer Support
Specifications Startup Plan Professional Professional Plus Enterprise Plus
Pre-Integrated Payment Gateways:
  • Stripe Payment Gateway (Supports 34 Countries)
  • Paypal Payment Gateway (Worldwide)
  • BrainTree Payment Gateway(Supports 46 Countries)
specifications Startup Plan professional professional plus enterprise
Multiple Domain License
Support for bugs & Issues
Free Support Period 6 Months 6 Months 6 Months 1 Year
Google Map Integration
White Labelling/Branding - Adding your Logo & Name to the Apps
Our Membership & Associations

Trusted By Global Innovative Industries

Proud to Share Our Proof of Excellence & Innovative Solutions

Business Insights to Know About All-In-One Service Industry

All-In-One Service Industry Insights

Technologies Used

Technologies Used In Our Airbnb Like App Development

Mastering in Design With the Latest Cutting-Edge Technologies


Angular JS













Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Gojek Clone

Get Your Right Answers for On-Field Questionnaires During Gojek Clone App Launch

Gojek clone is the versatile service booking app solution that acts as the smart platform to connect the service seekers with the relevant service professionals seamlessly across digital platforms

Getting a Gojek clone source code is the simple one. By filling the contact form with the email credentials, our tech experts will contact you to know the business model. After the payment, you can get the complete source code of 100%.

Developing Gojek clone script comprises the following steps:

  • Requirement Gathering
  • Forming Development Team
  • Analysis of Targeted Region
  • Plan Formulation With Features
  • Finalizes The Technologies
  • Develop the application
  • Deliver Application

On-demand services are the high-revenue generating options for service professionals and the customers. Our Gojek App clone simplifies all the workflows and turns them into convenient ones for all players.

The cost value mainly depends on the following factors:

  • Number of Team members
  • No.of Hours Spent
  • Technologies Chosen
  • Either MVP or Whole Business
  • Features Considered.

Based on these factors, the cost value of the All-in-one service app varies. To know the exact cost value, you must contact our technical expert.

Service management software manages and streamlines all service works, including scheduling, dispatching, tracking, billing, and more within the platform.

The essential features of the Gojek clone script are
  • User Registration
  • Service selection
  • Multiple payment options
  • Reviews and ratings
  • In-app chat/call

  • Operating System - Linux
  • Web Server - Apache
  • Database - MySQL 8.0
  • PHP - 8.1
  • Ability to Setup Cron Jobs

Yes. Our Gojek App clone solution turn to be the best-fit for entrepreneur’s choice

Generating revenue from a Gojek App Clone includes three modes such as subscription, commission and the booking fee. The payment gateways integrated into the app makes your transactions feasible.

Filling the contact form will direct you to get the Gojek app clone software in a quick way.

We Basically Have A Team Of Efficient And Dedicated Professionals Who Make Sure That The Quality Is Not Compromised With. Our Quality Assurance (QA) Team Makes Sure That There Are No Glitches Or Chances Of Malfunctions In The Gojek Clone App That Is Going To Be Built.

We are here to create an app of your dream business according to your requirements. So as being a professional company, we will never recommend/ suggest your idea to others. Surely, It will be kept confidential.

Well, in the past we have worked with many non-technical clients and we have helped them throughout their app development process. You can definitely share your ideas and suggestions or ask any question to our support team, they will guide you as well as propose the best approach for optimum results

Sure, as mentioned in our site we would handle the app submission part for Enterprise package.

We designate a project leader who will coordinate with the client throughout the project as well as share respective updates every week.

Yes, we do employ the AGILE methodologies based on the project type and size.

For an Android developer account, you will have to pay $25/Year For an Apple developer account, you have to pay $99/Year

Via our technical support team, you can get the technical support right from installation to upload to the app store.
New Release Details

Release Detail For Gojek Clone

List of Our Gojek Clone Releases Waiting to Bring Wonders in Service Industry

Stable 1.6

  • Database Backup (DropBox)
  • Bug Fixing

Stable 1.5

  • Flutterwave Payment Gateway (Add-On)- Improved
  • Driver Wallet (Add-On)- Improved
  • GoferDelivery Web Booking (Add-On)- Improved
  • GoferHandy Web Booking (Add-On)- Improved
  • Store Own Driver - DeliveryAll only (Add-On)- Improved
  • Bug Fixing

Stable 1.4

  • Flutterwave Payment Gateway - Add-On
  • Driver Wallet - Add-On
  • GoferDelivery Web Booking - Add-On
  • GoferHandy Web Booking - Add-On
  • Store Own Driver - DeliveryAll only - Add-On
  • PHP Version 8.1 Update
  • KM and Miles - For All Services
  • Store Tab View - DeliveryAll, Instacart, and Laundry Store
  • Sunmi Printer - Android App and Android Tab - DeliveryAll, Instacart, and Laundry Stores
  • Home Page New Design
  • Bug Fixing

Stable 1.3

  • GoferCart Services
  • GoferClean Services
  • Delete Account Functionality
  • Deleted Account management in Admin Panel
  • Bug Fixing

Stable 1.2

  • Web Panel (Front End) Implementation
  • Admin Panel Design update
  • Performance Improvement
  • Bug fixing

Stable 1.1

  • Pool trip(Ride Share) For Taxi Booking.
  • Schedule Trip For Taxi Booking
  • Manual Booking For Taxi.
  • SOS For Taxi Booking.
  • Tips To Provider For Taxi Booking
  • Referral For Taxi Booking
  • Gender-Based Preference Ride For Taxi Booking.
  • Handicap And Child Seat Accessibility Ride For Taxi Booking.
  • Waiting Charge For Taxi Booking.
  • Live Tracking For Taxi Booking.
  • Peak Fare/Night Fare For Taxi Booking.
  • Covid Safety Features For Taxi Booking.
  • Wallet Option For Taxi Booking.
  • Add Multiple vehicles option for Provider(Taxi Booking)
  • Heat Map For Provider
  • Request Cancel Option For User
  • Extra Additional fee

Oct 25, 2021 User App (iOS & Android)
  • Sign Up With Phone Number With OTP Verification
  • Social Login
  • Location Based Service Search
  • Instant Booking
  • Schedule Booking
  • Contact less Delivery
  • Covid Safety Feature
  • Live Tracking
  • Referrals
  • SOS (Save Our Souls)
  • Multiple Languages
  • Multiple Currency
  • Call Masking Using Sinch
  • In-App Messaging Using Firebase
  • Job Progress Details (Step By Step Flow)
  • Tips To Provider
  • Display Store Based On User Location
  • Apply Promo Code Option
  • Order Status Notifications
  • Cancel Job & Order
  • Review And Rating Option
  • Booking History
  • Multiple Payment Options - Cash, Paypal, Stripe, Wallet
  • Manual Booking
  • Shortest Path preference For Delivery Service
  • Multiple Recipients For Delivery Service

Store App (iOS & Android)

  • Instant Order Status Notifications When User Order The Item
  • Automatic Request Before 7 Minutes Of Order Packing
  • Cancel Order Option
  • Order Tracking Status
  • Schedule Order Status Notification
  • Pause Order Option
  • Order Details
  • Update Delay Time For Order

Provider App (iOS & Android)

  • Sign Up With Phone Number With OTP Verification
  • Document Verification
  • Google Map And Waze Map Integration For Navigation
  • Switching Between Online & Offline Modes
  • Provider's Response Based On User's Request
  • Detailed Job History
  • Individual Job Details
  • Multiple Currency
  • Multiple Languages
  • Payout Preferences
  • Manage Gallery (To Upload Service Photos)
  • Referrals
  • Earning Report
  • Contact less delivery image upload process
  • Multiple Service Delivery
  • In App Call Using Sinch
  • In App Message Using Firebase
  • Provider Cancellation Option
  • Feedback & Rating
  • Manage Service (Update Services)
  • Three Types Of Fares For Services (Fixed, Hourly, Time And Distance)
  • Manage Availability

Admin Panel (Web)

  • User Management
  • Provider Management
  • Company Management
  • Store Management
  • Manage Admin & Its Roles
  • Manage Business Types
  • Manage Documents
  • Manage Services
  • Manage Category
  • Manage Jobs
  • Manage Payouts
  • Manage Statements
  • Manage Promo Codes
  • Manage Wallet Amount
  • Manage Owe Amount
  • Manage Cancelled Jobs
  • Manage Job Request
  • Manage Ratings
  • Payment Gateway
  • Manage Parcel type
  • Send Email, SMS, Push Notification Option
  • Manage Web and Mobile Contents.
  • Manage Site Settings

Store Panel (Web)

  • Add And Edit Menu
  • Bulk Item Upload Option
  • Preparation Time
  • Modifiers
  • Offers
  • Switching Between Available & Unavailable Modes
  • Feedback Display
  • Payout History
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