Why Zillow Clone?

The Zillow Clone app is a dynamic real estate platform designed to connect renters, buyers, and sellers seamlessly. This user-friendly app allows users to search for properties, browse listings, and connect with real estate agents efficiently.

Our Zillow clone app replicates the functionality of Zillow, providing a customized solution for all your real estate needs. Packed with features like advanced search filters, interactive property listings, seamless communication tools, and more, this script empowers businesses to thrive in the competitive real estate market.

Elevate your real estate business with our advanced Zillow clone script which saves you time, and resources, and propels you toward market dominance!

Our Benefits

How Beneficial Is Our Vacation Rental Script?

Gain More Visibility and Grow Bookings With Our Beneficiary Features


Multiple Login / Sign Up

It's easy to create an account and login to Makent using various social media login options like Facebook, Google, Apple ID & Email.


Advanced Search Options

Makent helps it's guests to find the property of their choice easily with advanced search & filter options. Guests can search their property by location, duration of stay, number of guests occupying, room type, and price.


Advanced Filter Options

Guests can sort down their listing with various filters like rooms, beds, bathrooms and much more filters to find the best one from the given list of hotels and stays.


Multiple Booking Options

Guests are facilitated with various booking options such as request for booking, instant booking, and contact host.


Verified Users

Makent ensures the security with Id verification, email address verification, phone number verification and also facilitates integration with social media.



Wishlist is like bookmarking the favorite places of users for future booking. It's another feature that helps to boost the sales of the business.


Shared Room

Host while creating the list can use this option for their property. Once the host uses this option, the listing is not blocked until the entire guest count of shared rooms is booked.


Rating & Reviews

This is the trending and most wanted feature of all online businesses to increase security. With the rating & review from previous guests, the host can attract the attention of new guests easily.


Pricing Rules

Hosts can use various pricing rules for their property like early bird, minimum and maximum stay, length of stay discount options. These features will help hosts to attract guests with offers.


iCalendar Sync

Hosts who have listed their space on the platform can manage booking dates with icalendar sync. Similarly the host can remove the sync, import, and export the calendar.


Single Shot Dashboard

Same as Admin, the users are also assigned with a dashboard. The host can view transaction history, manage their listing, and finance.


Travel Credit

Just by inviting friends to the platform, existing users can earn credits. A silent promotional activity welcomes a huge number of leads.


Listing Approval

The system shows their reliability with verified users, approved listing. Thus the connected users are not disappointed with any of the bookings.


Listing Duplicate

Easiness of listing a space. The host can list more than one listing rapidly, just by duplicating the approved one.


Become A Host

With a single login, users can book space for travel and list space for rent. Makent offers special space to list the rental space in a detailed manner.


Finance Reports

This provides detailed reports of all the hosts’ activities, total earnings of admin as well as host, reservation details, etc in one window to make smart future decisions.

airbnb-clone airbnb-clone

Dynamic Payout Days

Experience a new level of flexibility with our dynamic payout days feature. Say goodbye to rigid payment schedules! This payout tool enables you to customize your payout days to your business needs.


Manage Location

Seamlessly conquer geographical complexity with our exhaustive "Manage Location" functionality. This powerful tool helps you handle your business presence across multiple locations.

airbnb-clone airbnb-clone

Dynamic Tax

We introduce the next evolution in taxation solutions – Dynamic Tax. Bid farewell to the manual taxation adjustments. With Dynamic Tax, ensure your financial calculations are accurate and save valuable time.

airbnb-clone airbnb-clone

Payment Gateway On / Off

Take complete control of your online transactions with our Payment Gateway On/Off feature. Safeguard your revenue streams by toggling your payment gateway to active or inactive.

How We Unique?

Why Our Zillow Clone Script is the Best?

Gain Limitless Options From Our Splendid Solution



Whatever the size of your business aim to expand. Our Makent-Zillow Clone is the best fit for this sudden surge in the business size.

Trendy Technologies

Trendy Technologies

We always keep up our Makent-Zillow Clone script as updated with the latest technology trends. Using an upgraded ReactJS and MySQL ensures high performance.

On-Time Support

On-Time Support

Our developers and designers provide full-range support whenever needed. At the same time, We assure you have successful timely launches.

Eye-Catchy User Experience

Eye-Catchy User Experience

Employing advanced UX/UI methodologies, We make your website/app highly user-friendly and eye-catching to improve accessibility.

Easy Customization

Easy Customization

We provide you with a 100% source code and hence you can customize the Zillow Clone app as per your business requirements.

Single Payment

Single Payment

Once you have paid, you will get the complete source code of the Zillow Clone with a super-fast and end-to-end solution—no additional cost.

Our Specialized Features

Leading Features to Stand Out in Rental Industry

A Market-Specific Features to Lead the Rental Industry


Discount features

Discount features help businesses attract new customers and foster repeat bookings. It’s a way to increase sales and customer happiness.

Early Bird Discount

Early Bird Discount:

Early bird discount gets guests exclusive rates for early reservations. The earlier they book a room, the more discount they earn.

Last min Discount

Last min Discount:

Last-minute discount is for those who reserve a room on the same or the next day. Ideal for business persons who travel frequently.

Length Of Stay Discount

Length Of Stay Discount:

Guests get a discount based on their staying length. This discount encourages guests to enjoy more and save better.

Contact to Host

Contact to Host:

Contact to host allows guests to have a 1 to 1 chat with the hosts. They can consult and reserve rooms through this feature.


Booking features

Booking features allow guests to reserve rooms efficiently. They also have booking options.

Min And Max Stay Booking

Min And Max Stay Booking:

Hosts can set minimum and maximum stay bookings. For example, the host can fix a stay limit of 1-30 days. Guests can book stays within that range only.

Special Offers

Special Offers:

Special offers make the stays even more exciting. This benefits hosts and guests. By giving offers, hosts can attract guests. And guests get thrilling offers for their bookings.


Distinct Features

Distinct features make rental businesses unique in the industry.

MailGun Integration

MailGun Integration:

MailGun acts as the hosts’s email service provider. It offers several benefits. Hosts can send, receive, and manage emails easily with this API.

Dynamic Payout

Dynamic Payout:

The host has flexibility in their earnings with dynamic payout options. They receive payments in a hassle-free transaction process.

Travel Credit (Referral)

Travel Credit (Referral):

Guests earn travel credits (rewarding incentives) for sharing their experience. They get discounts on future bookings.

Dynamic Tax

Dynamic Tax:

Dynamic tax calculations assist businesses in calculating tax. It estimates tax value accurately, which leads to a smooth billing experience.


Tax & Coupons

Manage tax and coupons with this dynamic Tax & Coupon dashboard.

Multicoupon Code

Multicoupon Code:

Guests can multiply savings by applying multiple coupon codes while checking out.

Manage Dispute

Manage Dispute:

Businesses can resolve issues with this dispute management system. Solve conflicts fairly at the fingertips.

Our Comprehensive Guide

Ready to Grab More Insights About Rental Industry With Our Guides

Get Ready to Know Insights

Get Ready to Know Insights

A Guide to Explore the Rental Industry

Know Every Workflow, Features, and Trick to Upgrade Your Rental Business

Extra Addons


Bring Smartness to Digital Platforms With User-friendly Addons

Arabic language - RTL

Arabic language - RTL

We have language translations for Arabic from Right to Left.

Multiple language

Multiple language

We Provide 20+ Languages In Makent

Multiple Currency

Multiple Currency

We Provide 31 Currencies In Makent

Host Penalty

Host Penalty

To assure a safe stay experience, Makent allows you to make a deal with several hosts by imposing penalties.

Dispute Process

Dispute Process

During a dispute between guest and host, you can clear that dispute by using this option and making the service issue-free.

Our Beneficiaries

Beneficiary People from Our Splendid Zillow Clone App Solution

Business Variants Acquire Benefits Via Our Solution

Property Owners/ Hosts

Property Owners/ Hosts

Property Managers

Property Managers

Tour Consolidators

Tour Consolidators



Hospitality Owners

Hospitality Owners

Corporate House Owners

Corporate House Owners

Uniqueness We Are

Technical Provinces We Stand Out

Tech-Ahead Solutions


GDPR - Makent

Business data protection and trustworthiness are in high demand in online sectors. Our Makent - Zillow Clone app binds with GDPR to run your business the extra mile as a secure one.

Shared Web Hosting

Shared Web Hosting

An ideal choice for any website owner to host the website on the servers. Single server shared web hosting from Trioangle makes you risk-free hosting without any technical requirements. Get cost-effective shared web hosting right now!


Crypto-Wallet Integration:

All transactions via crypto wallet integrated with the Makent app are secure. This secure environment brings more revenue.


Creative web

We offer Eye-attentive web templates rather than source code that makes your rental website a high-conversion one.

Our Offerings

What We Offer ?

Digital Interfaces That Aid the Participants in Rental Business for Smooth Workflow



Version 2.6

A Dedicated Android App for All Participants for Streamlined Workflow

airbnb-clone Password : trioangle


Version 2.6

Specially Designed iOS App to Empower Stakeholders to Easy Management

airbnb-clone Password : trioangle

Web Panel

Version 2.5.1

Technically Advanced Web Panel for Simple Navigation & Access

airbnb-clone Password : trioangle

Admin Panel

Powerful Handy Dashboard to Govern All Business-Workflows Real-Time

airbnb-clone Username : admin
airbnb-clone Password : trioangle
Our Industrial Solutions

Customize Makent to Other Business Variants

Turn Industry-Leader With Needed Features/Functions

Car Rental

Car Rental

Unlock the full potential of Makent to streamline and optimize your car rental marketplace. Enhance your day-to-day operations and reach new heights.

Boat Rental

Boat Rental

Our Makent allows you to create a smart boat rental marketplace handle reservations straightaway and gain more benefits.

Space Rental

Space Rental

Our ready-to-use solution allows you to increase the visibility of your brand and manage the rental business online seamlessly.

Vacation Rental

Vacation Rental

Aiming for hassle-free launch of vacation rental business. Our Makent is the right online solution for it. This makes your dream into reality.

Room Reservation

Room Reservation

Our custom rental solution allows you to expand your business into the room reservation marketplace. Let's launch a new one.

Parking Space

Parking Space

Our ultimate rental solution extends the applicability of the rental business into parking spaces with all the essential features and unique interfaces.

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Our Pricing Plans

Pricing Plan For Zillow Clone Script

Select Your Pricing Plans With Respect to Business Needs


Single Domain / Server License

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Professional Plus

Single Domain / Server With Mobile Application

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Enterprise Plus

Multiple Domain / Server With Mobile Application

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Specifications That Scales Your Team's Need

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Trendy Insights to Know About The Rental Industry

Rental Industry Insights

Technologies Used

Technologies Used In Our Airbnb Like App Development

Mastering in Design With the Latest Cutting-Edge Technologies


Angular JS













Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Zillow Clone

Get Perfect Solutions From Us to All Your Curious Questionnaires

A Zillow clone script is a ready-to-use solution built with all the core features and functionalities of the popular real estate platform Zillow. It helps entrepreneurs create their website or app with exact or similar capabilities to Zillow.

Trioangle offers a Zillow clone solution with all typical features such as easy property search, listings, user account signup, and property management for sellers built up with various filters. Also, you can add MVPs based on your business requirements like virtual tours, integrated mapping, and other third-party app integrations.

Yes, Trioangle offers a quick customization process that suits all your real estate business needs. We tailor all your branding requirements starting from branding, feature modifications, and other API integrations, we offer flexible customization to business owners.

The best Zillow Clone script includes features, customisation, security, scalability, user-friendly interface, and cost-effectiveness.

The platform provides futuristic revenue models such as commission fees, advertisement, and service fees. Apart from those factors, it depends on your productivity that defines your profit.

The purpose of the vacation rental platform is to facilitate a seamless connection between renters and guests for short-term stays, enabling them to accomplish their objectives.

It is a wrong misconception. Developing a vacation rental app is not as expensive as you think; you can develop your platform under your budget. If you want to know in detail, contact us.

Estimating the time is quite challenging. The timeline for launching a business relies on factors like the complexity of the platform, customization requirements, and the thoroughness of testing.

Zillow Clone is a ready-to-launch platform built for immediate launch, simplifying a seamless connection between renters and guests through their entire process.

The significant aspects are cost-effectiveness and time-consuming. Zillow Clone script allows you to develop your business within your budget and within a short time.

Your project size can only estimate the cost of developing an app like Airbnb. As each project size varies, predicting cost structure is complicated. Our team is available to help you find it through business discussion.

  • Operating System - Linux
  • Web Server - Apache
  • Database - MySQL
  • PHP - 8.0
  • Ability To Setup Cron Jobs
  • Facebook App Credential
  • Google App Credential
  • Apple Login Credential

Yes! You can claim ownership of your app.

No. We strongly prohibit clients from using our product for commercial purposes. The coded scripts are not for resale or redistribution. Violating this protocol may lead to legal consequences.
New Release Details

Release Detail For Zillow Clone

List of Our Airbnb Releases Waiting to Bring Wonders in Rental Industry

Stable - 2.6


  • Dropbox integration - Addon
  • Dynamic payout days
  • Manage location
  • Dynamic tax
  • The payment gateway on / off
  • Bug Fixing

App (Android):

  • payment gateway redirection
  • Version Upgrade: Kotlin / libraries
  • bug fixes

App (IOS):

  • payment gateway redirection
  • Version Upgrade: Xcode update
  • bug fixes

  • PHP Version Upgrade
  • Bug Fixing

  • Account Delete Option To The User
  • Deleted User Report In Admin Panel
  • Cookies Acceptance Popup Display In Web Panel
  • Bug Fixing

  • Finance Reports In Admin Panel
  • Bug Fixing

  • Implemented New Design
  • Covid Safety Feature
  • Force Update
  • Improved Performance
  • Bug Fixing

  • Instant message using socket
  • Push notification for instant messages and bookings
  • Improved existing features

  • Apple Login In iOS, Android & Web
  • Bug Fixing

App :

  • Glossy Design
  • Dedicated User Experience
  • Arabic Language Integration
  • Listing approval status from admin
  • Implemented 3D secure in stripe
  • Bug Fixing

Web :

  • Listing Approval By Admin
  • Implemented Sass in overall site
  • Duplicate Listing Option
  • Photos Rearrange option
  • Dynamic Bed Type
  • Average price for cities based on listing in home page
  • Strong Customer Authentication - Stripe (Payment gateway)
  • Bug Fixing

  • Book an Experience
  • View Experience
  • Cancel Experience
  • WishList
  • Bug Fixing

  • User ID Verification
  • Amenities, Property Type and Room Type Icon Upload
  • Improved Google Sign-In
  • Home Cities Language
  • Help Language
  • Meta Language
  • Admin Panel Language by Google Translate
  • Bug Fixing

  • Listing History In Profile Page
  • Travel CreditImprovement
  • iCal Improvement
  • Language Improvement
  • Bug Fixing
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