Zomato is a unicorn in the food delivery industry and they are grown 500% in the last three years. They are silently building their way to the top of the food delivery industry.

Zomato’s is not shy to try new things and jumping into new markets. But the Indian market is not similar to American trend where people eat out three times a day. From a recent report, the average Indian spends about 6500 rupees per annum in restaurants.

In recent times, Zomato is looking to expand its business and seeking opportunity outside food delivery market. Have you ever heard about Hyperpure?

What is Zomato Hyperpure?

The Hyperpure is a platform which delivers high-quality ingredients to restaurants. They provide ingredients like groceries, vegetables, fruits, poultry, seafood, dairy and meat.

How Zomato’s Hyperpure Works?

  • Zomato directly purchases groceries, vegetables and other ingredients from the farmers and vendors.
  • In Zomato’s warehouse, they check for the quality of the product and further proceed with packaging.
  • Finally, the ingredients are delivered to the restaurant by Zomato.

Pros Of Zomato’s Hyperpure:

  • Zomato provides the restaurant with high-quality ingredients and antibiotic residue free chickens which ensures the quality of the products.
  • Zomato provides restaurants with the hyperpure badge which attracts health-conscious customers.
  • It saves time for the restaurant partners and they find all the ingredients in one place.
  • Zomato also provides credits in the purchase which varies from 7 to 45 days.
  • The restaurant partner can pay in both online and offline mode.

Cons Of Zomato’s Hyperpure:

  • Zomato has struggled to tackle the demand and they temporarily stopped the delivery for a week.
  • They don’t provide refunds to the products after claimed by the restaurant owners.
  • As the grocery market is fluctuating, the Zomato is still struggling to meet the requirements of their partner.

What You Can Learn From Zomato’s Hyperpure?

  • Zomato’s Hyperpure provides an opportunity for Zomato to build a strong relationship with their restaurant partners. Thus it leads to more business in terms of Zomato.
  • They are working with Farm to Fork strategy which makes them travel from start to end with their restaurant partners.
  • Zomato says they found a huge gap in the ingredient market and they used the opportunity to entice their business.

Now you know more about Zomato’s Hyperpure and strategy behind the platform. There is a lot more to learn from Zomato which makes them the top of the food delivery industry.

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