The practice of rentals has been followed long back. The scope and adaptability of rental business are its uniqueness which drives these years. Many have been benefited by renting unused products, by acquiring the best rental service and some run a profitable business on rentals.

In that case, Airbnb is one such firm now stands as a behemoth of vacation rental business, world known for its short term vacation rental services, who also provides long-term space rentals. As per their norms, a reservation that exceeds 28 nights or longer is considered as a long-term reservation. VRBO, HomeAway, Vimdu, fall on the same line by providing the best short-rental services.

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Benefits Of Short-Term Rental Business:

Inclination In Vacation Rental Market:

As per the report from Technavio, the global vacation rental market is expected to grow more than 7 percent annually between 2017 and 2021, when it will be worth $194 billion. If a family or gang of friends who are in travel mostly choose reliable vacation rental services for a short period of time. As they are affordable for them and for service providers it is the best to the source to earn and so people choose it.


It doesn’t matter that the host should own property, he can rent or share a room with the guest in best-working sites. With this, he can earn a lot. You can build a community with short-term vacation rental business, with more number of host, guest enrollment.

Make Money:

The rooms rented are charged on a nightly basis. People opt for rentals for the short-term, when they are in travel, to experience their holiday, etc. In such an event, frequent renting of space from a different guest it possible. The host can earn more money, ratings, and people with their kind gesture. So that the guest chooses the same rentals once again.

The best Airbnb clone script affords such facilities such as reliability, security, transparency on reviews and easy to use. It improves listing and bookings through which you can earn with a commission fee.

Tax Deductions:

Homeowners wanting to rent their place for 14 days or less per year might qualify for the 14-Day Rule. The tax rule states that a property owner does not have to pay tax on the income earned from a short term rental of 14 days or less.

Less Maintenance:

Host listed their property, no need to worry about maintaining it. As the guest stays for short periods the cost of maintaining, cleaning, utilizing will be lesser. Also with the property rental app, you can charge for it while listing. If any breakage, the system will settle with disputes between.