An entrepreneur before taking a solid decision will cross check multiple times. Because his decision will directly get influenced in the results of his business. When it comes to on demand business, technical support plays a major role. 70 % of the business is integrated in the online medium. So damn sure before making decision they will slice and filter every opportunity to choose the best one.

I guarantee, Gofer will meet all your satisfaction and work well compared to other one in the market.

Why To Choose Gofer ?

Gofer is the MVP product developed from the inspiration of Uber Clone script. The script has full capability to get customized on any on-demand business model and be live in the marketplace with in a short span.

Additionally native apps are developed in both iOS and Android to grab the wide audience

The much-required functionalities for rider and driver have been analyzed and executed.

Some of the majorly included features are as follows.

Uber clone features


A separate admin dashboard for monitoring the business is avail.

Other Highlights

We just won’t end after providing the Uber clone script. We continue our service until your done with the technical support like

Free Server Installation – Our team will take care to install the software in the server and make the app live at free of cost.

Free App Submission – In the play store and iOS store we will take responsibility to submit the app.

Free Bug Support – After the purchase of the script, in the support period if you find any bug or other problem, we will take care of it to find your solution.

Round the Clock Service –  No matter from which country you are. According to your convenience our team will support you to manage your queries.

App Rejection Support –  At any cases if the submitted app is not taken into account then we will make changes and support to make the online presence.

Dont just believe our words. Get the demo credentials and check out how does it work and make your valuable decision regarding your business.

If you have any queries feel free to contact us at [email protected] or tap on