Why And How Instacart Clone Application Helps Your Online Grocery Delivery business?

Instacart is an online grocery delivery application. It is an American company founded in 2012 by entrepreneur Apoorva Mehta. The Instacart clone Script by Trioangle is integrated with advanced and latest technology to meet the customer’s expectations. The Instacart clone application supports both the desktop and mobile(iOS & Android). Top-end features are integrated into the script to make it easy to process every phase of order: the takeaway option, tips option, scheduling order, live tracking option, etc. 

There are four panels dedicatedly designed based on the role of who is accessing the application. 

  • Admin panel
  • User panel
  • Store panel
  • Driver panel

Admin panel

Admin panel exclusively designed to maintain, update every module of the application. So, the person entering from this panel can access every data and has permission to update data. Admin panel modules are designed based on admin responsibility. Let’s see some of the modules and uses of those models.

Modules in admin panel:

  • Dashboard: It shows an overview of all order information like total orders, total users, total stores, total drivers.
  • User Management: To add/update user’s information.
  • Driver Management: To add/update driver information.
  • Store Management: To add/update Store information.
  • Store Payout Management: Payment maintenance for stores.
  • Driver Payout Management: Maintains drivers’ pay details. 

User panel;

The user panel is completely designed for the customers who are placing the order. So, based on the customer’s perspective modules are designed. Let’s see some of the modules available in the user panel.

Modules available in user panel:

  • Profile: General information about users like name, location, contact details, Email Id, and the option to connect with the support team.
  • Orders: Past and Upcoming orders details are available.
  • Payment: To maintain card details used to purchase and wallet information.
  • Cart: Added products are available in the cart with expected delivery time, delivery type, total cost of purchase, options to enter the delivery location, and payment mode.

Store panel

This panel is designed for stores that are subscribed to provide products. Each module in this panel is created based on the store’s responsibility. Let’s see some of the modules available in the store panel.

Modules available in store panel:

  • Dashboard: It shows an overview of all order information like Sales, Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction.
  • Offers: to post new offer details or delete old offer details.
  • Payout Details: used to maintain payment details.
  • Menu: used to add or delete products based on category.
  • Pickup Times: used to set the average to pick up.

Support: support options like WhatsApp and skype.

Driver panel

This panel is designed for drivers. based on the driver’s roles and responsibilities modules are available. Let’s see some of the modules available in the driver panel.

  • Profile: General information about drivers like name, location, contact details, Email Id, and availability status details.
  • Earnings: trip payment details are available in this module.
  • My Trips: details about trips like time to pick up, pick up location delivery location, payment type are available in this module.
  • Support: whats app and skype links to connect with the support team.

Features of Instacart clone 

  • Simplified sign-in: user can log in with basic credentials. Users can easily register with their phone number, email id, or social media accounts like Apple and Facebook.
  • Single Pickup Multiple Delivery: nearby location orders are delivered in one take. 
  • Support Option: Admin can add options like Whatsapp, Skype, LiveChat to get connected with users for any query, complaint.
  • Instant Pop-Up Notification: For all status of the order pop-up notification is initiated so the user can know immediately.
  • Live Order Tracking: Users can track orders live orders with a live driver location.
  • Reliable Payment Option: secured and multiple payment transactions are available.
  • Review & Rating: review and rating options are available to know customer service ratings.
  • Store Status: stores can change their status by either accepting orders or pause orders.
  • Order Scheduling: users can decide what time they want to receive their order.
  • Exclusive Offers: options available to apply coupons and promotion codes for users.
  • Elegant Profile Management: user and driver can add, edit profile details.
  • Multiple Language: script can support multi-languages like English, Arabic, Spanish, and Portuguese.


The present situation is the biggest reason for the demand for grocery delivery. Because of social distancing and pandemics, virtual shopping has become more common. Due to busy lifestyles customers are expecting on-time service. To perform and maintain these all processes with a clone application makes the process easy and saves a lot of admin time.   

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