Trioangle offers the best OLX Clone script in the market. Right now the online classified business is the preferable business platform to dive in. Because in this industry very few competitors are surviving and with the disparate perception regarding business one could soon spearhead the market. 

Technical support is the backbone for the online classified business. So the PassUp from the Trioangle offers the required features and functionalities in the script.

Features Offered are,

  • Multiple Signup or Login through FB, Gmail & Email
  • Advanced Filter For Seamless Search
  • Multiple Products And Services Category For Better Navigation
  • Good Message Support For Communication
  • Add Favourites For Future Use
  • Multiple Free Listing Options
  • Location Based Search
  • Adsense Integration Option

More over the user and the seller can switch from the same account, so a single dashboard for the user and a separate dashboard for the admin is accessible. 

The script is available on both iOS and android version with native apps. More importantly drafted with the better technology stack. So no matter how many products have been listed, one can experience the buffer less loadings.

Many have a query regarding the complete source code, let me figure this question too. Based on the package one chose, we offer the source code and our support team highly supports customization.

More than feature, we offer other support like app installation, server installation, app rejection support and others for the app to get live in the market. If you are interested then feel free to reach us. 

But Why To Go For OLX Clone Script ?

As OLX is one of the leading scripts in the marketplace, relying on the OLX workflow helps us to be a safe player in the industry, also it truncates the research and other time consuming work. When research and time gets sliced then cost consumption also decreases. 

Get into the classified market with the best OLX clone script in a short span of time. 

For queries contact [email protected] or tap on Online classified Script